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Central Tuscany Ausl. Study on community physiotherapist model published by WHO

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Central Tuscany Ausl.  Study on community physiotherapist model published by WHO

It was published in the WHO Bulletin ‘Physiotherapy as part of primary health care, Italy’. Authors three physiotherapists of the Department of technical health professions of the Ausl Tc, in collaboration with the Department of nursing and midwifery assistance and the Sant’Anna of Pisa: “Describes the model of the community physiotherapist, introduced on an experimental basis in the Asl for the first time”.

29 NOV

It was recently published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organizationthe article entitled ‘Physiotherapy as part of primary health care, Italy’ which sees as authors Matteo Paci, Elise Buonandi, Laura Rosiello e Sandra Morettiphysiotherapists of the Department of technical health professions of the Local Health Authority Toscana Centro, in collaboration with the Department of Nursing and Midwifery Assistance and with the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa (Clare Barchielli e Alessandra Da Ros).

The article, explains the Ausl in a note, “describes the model of the community physiotherapist introduced for the first time in Italy and being tested in the Asl Toscana Centro, according to which the physiotherapist collaborates with the multi-professional team in the evaluation of community needs, in the development of health profiles and in the identification of population groups at risk. It supports health promotion through sectoral and inter-sectoral interventions aimed at specific health determinants and favors the valorisation of community resources (volunteer groups, self-help groups, adapted physical activity, centers for the elderly, etc.).

The article also describes “preliminary data on a sample of 165 patients recruited in the Ausl Toscana Centro, and show how, within a maximum of four interventions, carried out mainly at home (94%), in 77% of cases the goals set, with no adverse events reported. Only in 6.1% of cases was a rehabilitation program with specialist activation proposed”.

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These data “support the hypothesis that the community physiotherapist model can offer interventions that are appropriate, safe and with reasonable potential for optimizing the cost/benefit ratio. As far as he is concerned, the community physiotherapist promotes and supports self-care support (self-management), as an aid to patients and their families in acquiring knowledge, skills and motivation in managing the disease; the proactivity of the interventions; support for education and skills of the caregiverincluding training in the correct use of aids” and “periodic verification of their appropriateness and effectiveness”.

Therefore “decision support, consisting in the adoption of guidelines and best practice evidence-based, which provide the team with the standards for optimal care for chronic patients and which are subject to constant updating and adaptation to the local situation.

November 29, 2022
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