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“Century Empire 4” Suspected Wrong Price Offered the World’s Lowest Price

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“Century Empire 4” Suspected Wrong Price Offered the World’s Lowest Price

Life Center/Reported by Li Mingrong

Microsoft’s real-time strategy game “Age of Empire IV” (Age of Empire IV) suddenly appeared on Steam and Windows Mall yesterday (6th) with a huge discount. The original price of 1499 was only 258 yuan, which is equivalent to a 13% discount, even the deluxe version. It is also discounted to the remaining 348 yuan, so that netizens directly ask “why do you want to take advantage of the special price for working students?”, but it is suspected that the system issued the package and marked the wrong price.

“Century Empire 4” actually broke the price. (Picture / flip from Steam)

The “Century Empire” series is a historical real-time strategy game released by Microsoft. It has been very popular since the first generation was launched in 1997, and it has also become a classic game in the hearts of many players. Until October 28 last year, “Century Empire” was released again. 4″, according to SteamDB data, other countries and regions also have a 25% discount, only Taiwan’s “Century Empire 4” price is less than 400 yuan, which is the lowest price in the world, so some people suspect that the price may be wrong. , which makes many players take the opportunity to start.

Can't get any lower!

Taiwan’s “Century Empire 4” is actually the cheapest in the world. (Picture / flip from Steam)

Some netizens posted on PTT with “Is Century Empire 4 finished? ” published an article with the title, saying that the price was only 258 yuan, and he once suspected that the game was too bad and no one played it, so it was necessary to sell it at such a low price, so many netizens responded by leaving messages, “Mark it wrong, Taiwan will become all in one fell swoop. The lowest price area in the world is amazing”, “Work-study-student price”, “Thank you for the notification, hurry up and tell your friends to buy it, and directly brush the deluxe version, it’s really fragrant”, “buy it first, steam is terrible””.

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