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Charlene of Monaco, “Psychotherapeutic treatments”, devastating situation, health problems return

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Charlene of Monaco, “Psychotherapeutic treatments”, devastating situation, health problems return

Albert and Charlene of Monaco attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Shortly after this event, attention turned back to Princess Charlene and her health conditions which seem to be once again precarious.

It’s all about a mystery she would like to keep a secret, but that’s what it is.

At the funeral of the Queen Elizabeth II, Charlene of Monaco she decided to show herself in public in a long black dress. Next to her her husband Alberto who instead wore the military uniform. The Princess in this period would be going through a very delicate period which coincides with her return to the Principality of Monaco after her retirement period coincided with health problems, that’s what it is about her.

For sure one of the major problems that was feared in recent months was the possible separation between Charlene and her husband Alberto, but seeing them together on more than one public occasion, one of which was that of last September 19 on the occasion of the funeral of Elizabeth II, caused a sigh of relief to the subjects who were already thinking about a marriage crisis with relative separation.

This fear was fueled by the fact that on multiple public occasions Albert of Monaco had participated alone.

As you will remember Charlene had been suffering from an ENT infection in recent months contracted following a trip to South Africa. But since the Princess returned to Monaco, the doubts in the subjects about the presence of some problem have set in again. After Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, Charlene has isolated herself againlocking himself in his apartments.

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Probably this gesture depends only on a fatigue due to the trip but it seems instead that the reason is different and yet, it seems to be linked to the funeral in which he had just attended.

Charlene of Monaco: still health problems?

Two days after Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, Margaret, the Queen of Denmark, tested positive for covid. Just Alberto and Charlene had been to close contact with the Queen in the bus that took them to Westminster Abbey, a means established by protocol.

Il Charlene’s retreat to her apartments, therefore, it seems to be linked to a precaution linked to the queen’s positivity. Certainly this of her appearing and disappearing has become a habit and this is testified by someone who is very close to the Princess.

“It’s normal. To return to health, she must follow a four-week course of treatment with psychotherapeutic treatments and medication adjustments. It will appear and disappear in the next months. To recover, he needs time ”.

This statement only means one thing, the couple will be separated for a long time to come. Alberto is currently in New York and Charlene is quarantined in her Munich apartments.

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