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Charlene of Monaco, revealed the real disease of the princess …

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The well-known princess is in the spotlight because of her health problem: a deep throat sheds light on the issue …

Princess Charlene Lynette Grimaldi, nee Wittstock (Getty Images)

The famous princess consort of the Principality of Monaco has not yet returned home, due to her health problem: a disease which, unfortunately, will not allow her to spend the holidays with her family.

A person, whose identity is unknown to us, dropped the bomb, launching a sharp dig about this “invented” infirmity and the unstable relationship of the 43-year-old with her sister-in-law: “Charlene’s real illness is her sister-in-law Carolina’s hatred“.

This was the sentence on the cover of the weekly Chi: a rather pungent indiscretion.

It would seem that the two royals are competing for power and have never managed to get along; yet, in the last period of estrangement by Charlene of Monaco, it is her sister-in-law who takes care of the princess’s children.

Charlene of Monaco as a “sad princess”: will her illness be real or was it all a hoax?

Charlene of Monaco
Princess Charlene of Monaco (Photo from Instagram @ alexgrimaldi30)

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Indiscretions regarding the beautiful wife of Prince Albert II of Monaco continue to be read in the French newspaper Voici: “His wife was not ready to return, it was Alberto who insisted that he wanted her to accompany him to Dubai on November 13 and to be present at celebrations for the national holiday “.

It was later added that Charlen agreed to return only on condition that the event was not there Carolina, or the sister-in-law with whom there is no good blood and whose relationship becomes more and more tense.

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Charlene Wittstock
The wife of Prince Albert II of Monaco Charlene Wittstock (Getty Images)

Albert II of Monaco, Charlene’s husband, has announced that his wife will stay for another months in Switzerland, but will soon visit her together with their two children Gabriella and Giacomo of Monaco.

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