Home Health Charles III, the fingers of the new King of the United Kingdom worry: health concerns, medical opinion

Charles III, the fingers of the new King of the United Kingdom worry: health concerns, medical opinion

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Charles III, the fingers of the new King of the United Kingdom worry: health concerns, medical opinion

King Charles is one of the characters of the moment. And it is because inheriting the throne from the quintessential Queen is no small thing. She made history and now he, at 73 years oldhad to take over the reins of his Kingdom, while his family is always divided since relations with his second son Harry and his consort Meghan Markle they are more and more tense. And now check too a health problem

Rumor has it that Carlo is not very well and we are particularly worried about his fingers. What would they show that is so troubling? Experts speak …

Is Carlo sick?

Carlo he became king at 73 and inherited the throne from his mother, a Queen loved by the English people but not only! A true icon he is crying for. Her determination, his steadfastness as well as his huge class have made her unique. He has suffered a lot Elizabeth and since his beloved passed away Filippothe love of his life, was no longer the same.

She had fallen ill and the doctors had made it clear that she was no longer well and that the end was near for her. Yet she has kept faith with her commitments until the end, demonstrating everything his immense willpower. And today his son must prove that he is equal to him. Will he succeed? Meanwhile, he has to deal, as well as with the quarrels still in progress with his second-born son Harry and the sister-in-law Meghan Marklewith some health problems …

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His fingers are swollen and red

In practice many would have noticed that the fingers of his hands are well swollen and red. Why am I like this? What does man suffer from? The well-known British tabloid Daily Star contacted Dr. Gareth Nye, senior lecturer at the University of Chester. The doctor explained that the causes related to this would be – most likely, from bond with the third age.

“There are certainly no immediate health problems to be traced back to swollen fingers, and most likely it is a sign of age“, These are his words about that which reassure – and not a little – the English people.

Edema or arthritis? The most likely causes

The most accredited hypothesis would then be theedema which is – essentially – a condition in which the body begins to retain fluids in the limbs, normally in the legs and ankles but also in the fingers, causing them to swell “, said the doctor, also underlining that it is a disease that affects people over the age of 65 since” the ability to control liquids is limited “. But it could also be arthritis which is – given to the hand – a condition much, much more common in the over 60s.

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