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checks on means of transport and medical assistance

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checks on means of transport and medical assistance

I Carabinieri of the NAS of Cataniaas part of checks in the health safety sector, carried out inspections of private means of transport and medical assistance.

The checks, mainly focused on ambulances attributable to private associations operating through the use of volunteer staff and which are also available for the transport of sick people for profit, were mainly focused in the areas adjacent to the hospital facilities and public and private clinics and clinics.

The results of the inspection activity launched by the Carabinieri highlighted, in principle, the use of non-compliant means of transport from an authorization and documentary point of view.

We cite, for example, what was ascertained during an inspection of a private ambulance that had just accompanied a patient to a public clinic, where the lack of approval of the vehicle for the transport of people with a hired driver was contested.

The administrative detention of the vehicle was therefore ordered, with the registration document being withdrawn.

In the other cases, however, the lack of possession of the required Risk Assessment Document was contested, made mandatory by the current legislation on safety and hygiene in the workplace since, even for these apparently atypical contexts, the implementation of preventive/protective measures is envisaged towards workers. In one case, the presence of expired oxygen cylinders was discovered among the equipment and medical devices.

Their immediate seizure was therefore ordered as their contents, classified as a medicinal specialty, could be harmful or ineffective if administered to patients. This circumstance consequently led to the issuing of an immediate provision suspending the health authorization of the emergency vehicle.

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