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Cheese is much healthier than you think

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Cheese is much healthier than you think

breaking latest news – The cheese? It’s rich and creamy and it’s irresistible on a cracker, paired with a selection of fresh fruit or sprinkled with chili, according to the Washington Post. Americans like it to such an extent that “per capita consumption is ’40 pounds a year,’ just over 18 kg. A real weakness.

According to Lisa Young, a nutrition professor at New York University, cheese is “rich in nutrients such as protein, calcium and phosphorus and may serve a healthy dietary purpose” and, contrary to what has always been thought, “it will not necessarily make you fat or give you a heart attack”; instead it also “protective” functions, reports the Washington Post in a report. In short, everything that has been written and said about cheese so far seems to be the result of prejudices.

For years, writes the Post, “U.S. dietary guidelines have stated that eating low-fat dairy products is best because whole-milk products contain saturated fat, which can raise LDL cholesterol levels (the bad one). ), known to be a risk for heart disease.” Cheese has also been accused of being a factor in weight gain and inducing digestive problems by increasing bloating. Instead, it turns out that what people think of and about cheese could be the result of misunderstandings.

“Cheese is more than its saturated fat content”says Emma Feeney, an assistant professor at the Institute of Food and Health at University College Dublin who studies the effect cheese has on health. The point is that until now old-school thinking about nutrition has focused on single nutrients, such as fat or protein, that promote or prevent disease while it’s not entirely clear “whether this is the wrong approach”. In fact, nutrition experts are now putting emphasis “on the whole food and how its structure, nutrients, enzymes and other components interact with each other.” So?

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The saturated fat in cheese does not raise cholesterol levels

The result gave it un clinical trial conducted in 2018 lasting six weeks on 164 individuals who each ate an equal amount of milk fat in the form of butter or cheese, then switched midway through the study. Which did find out that “The saturated fat in the cheese did not raise cholesterol levels Ldl to the same extent as butter”. From this point of view, experts now have several theories as to why saturated fat in cheese is less harmful: “Some studies show that the mineral content in cheese, especially calcium, can bind with fatty acids in the intestines and eliminate them from the body,” says Feeney.

As fermented food, then, “both raw and pasteurized cheeses contain good bacteria that may be beneficial to the human gut microbiota,” says Adam Brock, vice president of food safety, quality and regulatory compliance for Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. These good bacteria, found primarily in aged cheeses, “help break down the food, synthesize vitamins, prevent disease-causing bacteria from taking hold, and strengthen immunity.”

But better not to abuse it, but “Integrating cheese into a Mediterranean diet where including fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other foods known to reduce disease risk will be more beneficial to overall health,” is the dispassionate advice.

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