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Cheeses: The Delicate Balance of Consumption

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Cheeses: The Delicate Balance of Consumption

Cheeses, be careful how much you eat them! The amount not to be exceeded for your own good within a week.

Let’s be clear: it is really hard, if not practically impossible, to do without cheeses. Among other things, there are some on the market, even in our country, many genres and for all palates, as well as for all budgets. We can use them as simple but at the same time very captivating seasonings both as foods for an appetizer or a second course.

Just think about the classic plate of mixed cheeses sometimes accompanied by cured meats. They are then widely used to prepare delicious sandwiches or captivating piadinas. The focaccias, as well as the pizzas, they love them. And then they are splendid when combined with risotto and dry pasta. And what about those to the plate or combined with polenta?

In many cases we also combine them with potatoes and mashed potatoes as well as lots of delicious vegetables and even fruit. Just think of pears and apples. For years it has been very fashionable to enjoy them with mand wonderful jams or honey. At this point you understand, given their great versatility, that it is easy use several over the course of a week.

Cheese, be careful how much you consume

However this it would not be good for our health at all which is the most precious gift we have and which therefore should, at least in theory, be closer to our hearts. Not for nothing, as a famous saying goes, too much cripples. And here we can tie it up, without ifs and buts especially if we abuse the tasting of some particular cheeses.

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Obviously this is very indicative and the advice of always remains more alive than ever vary your diet and to never focus excessively on one type of food rather than another. Furthermore, it is always good to follow the advice of the our doctor healer and of a nutritionist if we had any doubts about it.

Cheeses The Land of Taste
Quantities not to be exceeded

Returning to the decidedly very thorny question of how much cheese we will have to eat at most per week, we reveal that you should not exceed 100 g of fresh cheeses and 50 g of mature cheeses. In terms of portions it would be good do not exceed 3. This is highly recommended due to the lipids which are generally contained in cheese.

Another tip is to don’t overdo it with the grated cheese when we enjoy our dry pasta also because if we did so we would tend, rather than making our seasoning or sauce more special, to ruin it. In short, once again the watchword to follow is moderation.

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