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cherries at 8 euros, 5.20 for a kilo of peaches

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A kilo of cherries? Eight euros, but also nine depending on the seats. The peaches? They exceed five euros per kilo, maxi seed obviously included. And the watermelon? It flies at 1.50 per kilo, with peaks of over two euros. And for 40 grams of parsley you can even spend one euro and thirty. It happens in Cagliari, in a mix as perfect as it is bestial between shops and markets. Where fresh milk also stands out, a liter is also sold for more than two euros. And no, it’s not junk food or food that could be a whim, but fruit and vegetables, that is, healthy and natural food, now sold everywhere for almost its weight in gold. And shopping becomes impossible or you have to opt for frozen foods or foods devoid of any decent nutritional value, such as fats and sugars. Prices have calmed down, of course, but only because they are high both at the greengrocer’s and in most shopping centres. With some rare exceptions in the discount sector.

A kilo of pears can’t be found for less than 3.80 euros, apples well exceed four euros. Those who can buy, those who can’t pass by and take refuge, to fill their stomachs, in snacks or snacks. And, above all, it is impossible to understand what are the causes of yet another surge in prices: the war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for some time and the Sardinian fields have not suffered from drought.

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