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Cherry stone, what happens if you ingest it: beware of the great danger

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Cherry stone, what happens if you ingest it: beware of the great danger

Cherry core absolutely avoid ingesting it, if you do you run crazy risks for your health.

The season has finally arrived cherries they are really good and almost everyone likes their juicy sweet taste. They are very beneficial for our health and contain many antioxidant substances, many minerals and vitamins that contribute to the well-being of our body.

Cherries (pexles) – lindiscreto.it

When we eat cherries we must be careful not to ingest the stone. It is important to check especially when children eat them, in fact if you ingest too many nuts you could find yourself in a really unpleasant situation of discomfort and could even become fatale.

Cherries are sooo good that one leads to another and it is difficult to stop, the fundamental thing is not to chew or ingest the kernel in fact it is preferable to clean them first or eliminate it once put in the mouth.

Cherries that’s why you must never ingest their pit

Il nut of the cherry is not only difficult to chew, it contains harmful substances, in fact we can find an enzyme that can be transformed by our body into cyanide.

Stone cherries
Cherries (pexles) – lindiscreto.it

Indeed all the fruits that contain a stone have this peculiarity, this particular ingredient is theamygdalin, once the walls of the core are broken, this is synthesized in our body, becoming cyanide. This can happen even when the fruits are very ripe however if we ingest the stone of a fruit particularly ripe it may not be a problem as the enzymes contained within the fruit itself could be transformed into cyanotic acid.

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Clearly to find a particularly harmful effect we would have to ingest many nuts, if it happens accidentally to ingest just one there is no risk, an intoxication of this type requires the intake of a large number of nuts. To recognize a situation of this type we should find effects similar to nausea, vomiting, migraine and palpitations.

Cherry pit
Cherries (pexles) – lindiscreto.it

If 23 kernels are ingested, the situation could become fatal and cyanide poisoning could be almost certain. All of this happens because an overdose of these of this substance interferes with the transport of theoxygen in the body, for this reason it could lead to cardiac arrest, coma and death.

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