Home Health Cholesterol can be counteracted by eating these foods: “Finally”

Cholesterol can be counteracted by eating these foods: “Finally”

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Cholesterol can be counteracted by eating these foods: “Finally”

Cholesterol can be counteracted by eating certain foods that lower the level of what is considered bad. Not all cholesterol is bad, although the word carries a wave of blatant contempt behind it. Just hearing about cholesterol do most people get their hair straight because they associate the word with a visit to the general practitioner.

In reality, cholesterol is an element that is part of our body and performs essential functions. It is a lipid belonging to the steroid class that covers cell membranes and the myelin sheath, participates in the synthesis of vitamin D and completes the composition of bile. In practice it is present throughout our organism both at the level of organs and tissues.

Another myth must also be dispelled, namely that only 20% of cholesterol is formed following the ingestion of food. Mostly, cholesterol is formed in our organs and develops in the adrenal glands and skin, intestines and liver. However, if we follow a diet rich in fats and sugars, the cholesterol values ​​inevitably rise, bringing the problems we all know well.

Cholesterol is divided into two categories: HDL and LDL. The first is known to be the good cholesterol, the second is the bad cholesterol. And no, we’re not talking about two policemen during an interrogation but the link with lipoproteins. HDL removes cholesterol from tissues carrying it to the liver while LDL does not perform this function leaving cholesterol deposits on the arteries. The deposits form plaques that occlude and slow down the passage of blood. This last variable occurs when we get too much bad cholesterol.

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Cholesterol can be countered by eating these foods

If we want to limit bad cholesterol (LDL) we must necessarily resort to the help of food. The first step is to avoid fatty and overly substantial foods that raise blood cholesterol levels. Among these foods we can include all foods processed and cooked by means of frying.

The first category of foods to consume are those that contain a high percentage of fiber such as whole grains, mushrooms, fruit, vegetables and legumes. All these foods, some more, some less, contain fibers that promote digestion and therefore the elimination of cholesterol in the blood. Among all the oat bran stands out for its effectiveness.

We add foods rich in Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 to our diet. They are found in meat and fish, especially blue fish, and in extra virgin olive oil. As can be seen from the list of ingredients, the secret to keeping cholesterol levels in the blood unaltered and stable is to rely on a varied and balanced diet.

Only by taking proteins, carbohydrates, fats and micronutrients in equal measure can we balance the supply of substances in our body. In this way we will avoid creating nutritional imbalances that lead to diseases and other debilitating pathologies. To conclude, we can eat a little of everything but without exaggerating in terms of quantity.

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