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Cholesterol, the first sign that reveals when it’s too high: what you need to know

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Cholesterol, the first sign that reveals when it’s too high: what you need to know

“Help, I have high cholesterol”! How many times have we heard this phrase from some people close to us? Many, or rather, too many. But there are – in reality – some signs that would help us understand that we are reaching too negative values ​​in this direction…

In particular it exists a first symptom, that many don’t know, that there could be a lot of help… Which one? We reveal it to you…

Cholesterol Finance Rapisarda

Health it is our greatest and most precious gift to each of us, although all too often we forget it. And this is bad because then when we realize that – actually – something does not go in our organismor it is late and so the disease has in the meantime taken on serious or elevated tones.

And this happens because we reason thinking that “it will never happen to us” and that we are beautiful and fit even if – in reality – this is not exactly the case, also because we often do not follow a healthy, balanced and balanced diet, but on the contrary we aim to wrong nutrition and excessively rich in fat or in any case in substances and foods that are not a panacea for our body that we must try to love and respect more.

And if we do it sometimes it’s also out of laziness and the haste that all too often winds its way into our lives. Furthermore, even loneliness, as well as depressive states, lead us to eat the wrong wayas well as sometimes even excessive.

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The symptom that reveals to us if we have high cholesterol…

And this can lead, among other things, to having high cholesterol which is an issue we should never, ever underestimate for our own good. Also there is a first symptom which should in no time alarm us in that direction. Which? A very simple one to notice…

Cholesterol Finance Rapisarda

Leg cramps which can sometimes prove to be not only very annoying, but also painful, so much so as to require the intake of painkillers. Then there are those who feel them more during the day and those who perceive them at night when they are sleeping a kind of tingling which often wakes him up and therefore does not allow him to rest properly. But there are also those who can experience both situations!

At this point it is good to run for cover immediately by calling your attending physician who will know how to advise you to solve the problem, after careful analysis. And of course you’re starting to get it into your head that you need to change your eating habits, do some renunciationand maybe include more movement in your days, even just a simple but somewhat refreshing walk under the house.

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