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Chromecast (Google TV Support) Unboxing Highlights: The Simplest Solution to Make Your TV Smarter

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Chromecast (Google TV Support) Unboxing Highlights: The Simplest Solution to Make Your TV Smarter

Although Chromecast (supporting Google TV) has been sold abroad a long time ago and has been well received by users, this product has just arrived in Taiwan recently, although the author has already started the foreign version more than a year ago. , but it is really easy to use. This time, I have caught up with the pre-orders and started another set. This time, I will open the box and show everyone what kind of difference this product can bring to your TV.

Chromecast (Google TV Support) Unboxing Highlights: The Simplest Solution to Make Your TV Smarter

Chromecast (supports Google TV) is known as an upgrade artifact that transforms ordinary monitors and stupid TVs into smart ones. Unlike Chromecast in the past, Chromecast (supports Google TV) has a built-in operating system and a remote control. Provides the function of projection, and can also become an independent operating entity. This product can be used as long as there is an HDMI port on the TV, saving you the budget for purchasing a smart TV, and normal monitors and TVs with strong heads can also glow again.

After opening the box, it contains a Chromecast body, a remote control, a transformer, a USB Type A to Type C power cable, and two batteries for the remote control.

In addition to the USB Type C port on the Chromecast body, there is a switch and a status indicator that can be used to restore the original settings. The connected HDMI male connector can be directly inserted into the HDMI port on the TV and monitor. After turning on the switch, follow the instructions displayed on the TV screen, add a new device in the Home app on your phone, scan the QR Code to complete the setting.

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Next, look at the remote control. The remote control is powered by two AAA batteries. The overall shape is very simple. The clean white color and the curved lines of the hand make it very easy to hold.

Next, let’s take a look at the buttons on the remote control. Let’s look at the front first. Except for the independent call buttons for the two most used platforms, YouTube and Netflix, the others are actually very simple as shown below:

The side is a simple volume adjustment button, the whole machine button is like this, simple and clear, but it is not just that.

Do you think that it will be more troublesome to have an extra remote control. But you don’t have to worry too much about this, because after installing the settings, it can replace the function of the original remote control of your TV in your home. You can directly use the power button on the Chromecast remote control to switch the TV on and off, and the volume adjustment button to directly control the volume. If you want to play games You can also directly use its signal source button to switch to select game consoles, etc. For my own use, since I installed it, I basically do not use the original remote control of the TV.

The biggest feature of this remote is the voice assistant button, you can press it to give various voice commands, not only do more operations on the TV (such as playing a certain type of video, searching for videos, etc.), but also with Other IoT products in the home are matched and controlled to achieve the Buda of instructions such as turning off the lights and turning on the lights.

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The installation is foolish, and the system is smart

The cleverness of Chromecast (supporting Google TV) is not reflected in its hardware appearance. It looks like a very simple appearance with many functions developed by Google for it.

Why do you need to buy one?

In fact, the TV in the author’s house is Android TV, except for the stupid TV in the living room, but the interface is too difficult to use because the manufacturer has a little bit of paint on the system update. Recently, many new functions of the Google TV system have won my heart. They are more useful and practical than the version when they were first launched. In addition, I have already started one at the early launch. The experience is very good, so I simply bought another one for the room. .

First of all, if the TV at home is not broken, it is obviously not practical to buy a TV for the system. Compared with a new TV that costs tens of thousands of yuan, the price of 2,000 yuan for Chromecast (supporting Google TV) is simply too cheap to think about. Second, as an operating system platform provider, Google can update the Google TV system faster and more immediately. As long as the official update is released, you don’t have to spend a long time waiting for the manufacturer to make its own special version.

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