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Cinecittà Game Hub, here are the video games developed in the house of Italian cinema

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Cinecittà Game Hub, here are the video games developed in the house of Italian cinema

Four months of work for the Cinecittà Game Hubpromoted by Cinecittà, the Lazio Region and the Ministry of Culture, which on Thursday 12 May crossed the finish line of the first edition of acceleration aimed at startup creative del videogame. A program that, for the first time, brought a group of innovative startups into the legendary studios in via Tuscolana 1055 where much of the history of Italian cinema has passed and still passes, and beyond. About 600 thousand euros the funds placed on the plate by the three promoting partners – in addition to Iidea, the trade association of the Italian video game industry, Sony Interactive Entertainment Italia, Epic Games and Acer – for the acceleration path coordinated by Giovanna Marinelli and Mauro Fanelli. Each of the organizations has obviously also offered its own cultural and educational resources.

Cinecittà between the returning past and the accelerating future

“Today we can talk about a different Cinecittà, a place that has begun to connect the points of its glorious history with a great contemporary success – he explained Nicola Maccanico, CEO of Cinecittà – the studios host important international productions and is back, with the 19 theaters, to be a contemporary protagonist and open to contamination. We are already working on a second edition of the Game Hub ”. In the 12-week course, the hub, housed in an open space at Teatro 9, offered startup teams over 200 hours of lecturesmeetings and private mentoring sessions protagonists of companies in the videogame sector including Guerrilla Games, 11 Bit Studios, Milestone, Ubisoft Milan, RaceWard, Epic Games, GameDiscoverCo, Innogames, Synesthesia and Want Musik.

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Smartphone video games: Blizzard returns with Warcraft Arclight Rumble

by Lorenzo Fantoni

04 Maggio 2022

The nine startups selected and their video games

I’m new the startups selected by Cinecittà Game Hub with a public tender, “very different from each other – as Fanelli explained – and which we have tried to support especially on the business side, given that it is an extremely difficult sector full of competition”. The groups therefore presented their results during the Demo Day in the Fellini room. Adalot Networks unveiled “Satan JR”, A graphic comic adventure full of puzzles to solve, unlikely riddles and dark humor based on a very lazy and indolent son of Satan. Baryonyx Games with “the march”Tells how during the epic battle of Stalingrad, during the Second World War, a group of Axis soldiers, led by a young lieutenant, rebel against orders and stop fighting. Codemount Studio instead presented “Mega Chickens”, An online multiplayer trading card game based on an ironic and unique setting based – as the name implies – on big flying chickens. The ecosystem also allows you to produce and purchase Nft related to the characters which obviously can be exchanged and resold outside the ecosystem of the game.

Video games

The A500mini, the test of the Amiga 500 emulator

by Lorenzo Fantoni

04 Maggio 2022

Again: Ghostshark Games with “Topo.B”Has developed an action / adventure in pixel art and retro style, which gives the player reminiscences of the classic 80s and 90s. Keiron Interactive proposed instead “Movin Force”, A casual fitness game in virtual reality capable of entertaining the player and at the same time making him do physical activity in eight fantastic disciplines but based on real sports, all starting from a fantastic historical premise. Mad Pumpkins with “Movierooms”, A management game for PC and macOS, instead invites the player to manage his own cinema-theater from the dawn of the twentieth century, making it evolve up to the present day. A nice reference to the place that hosted the team for four months.

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Video games

The gaming industry flies to Italy and new talents are sought. A report

by Alessio Nisi

10 Maggio 2022

Mav Reality con “Sephirot-the Game”, Based on hypertextual, algorithmic and procedural dramaturgies with actors and players who share the same digital space that tries to ferry the dynamics of theater into virtual reality. In short, an immersive actor’s game. Rednoy instead proposed “Snails”, A very bizarre multiplayer running party game (local and online) for smartphones: it is an exhilarating competition between virtual snails that can become unsuspectingly competitive and full of twists. Sedleo finally told the public about his “1348 (working title)“: A third-person action-adventure set in medieval Italy.

The videogame industry in Italy is worth 2.2 billion euros

“In Italy there is no video game industry, we have been fighting for years to give credit to the creative talent of Italians, who are now recognized in this sector in the world too – he explained Marco Saletta, president of Iidea – the space to promote the made in Italy also in the videogame is very wide. In our country the videogame market worth 2.2 billion euros, more than cinema, music and literature. Gamers want creative content and the independent industry is finding more and more space. It is certainly a long journey, we are at the beginning: in the second edition we will do even better “.

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