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Circular from the Ministry, molecular saliva tests only in some cases, ok school – Health

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“The data we collect says vaccines are effective and safe”, they are the key to opening a different phase and a “symbol of freedom”. With the undecided the dialogue “must be kept open” and “we must insist with grace and intelligence and never be aggressive”. Thus the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, to Rai Radio Rai in an interview with Anna Ammirati in the new program Once upon a time – an anticipation of which has been released – which will be broadcast tomorrow, Saturday 25 September, at 11 am, in an episode on fears. “It is human to be afraid – says Speranza – mine is the passage of time, and I feared that the vaccines did not arrive in time”.

Meanwhile, a new circular from the Ministry of Health ‘Update of the indications on the use of salivary tests for the detection of SARS-CoV2 infection’, indicates that molecular tests on salivary samples, at least in an initial start-up phase, may be considered an alternative option to gold / nasopharyngeal swabs only in some contexts, as in the context of screening activities in children involved in the Monitoring Plan for the circulation of the SarsCoV2 virus in schools or for the elderly in the Rsa, the disabled and healthcare. Rapid antigen tests on saliva are not recommended at the moment.

Based on the available evidence, rapid saliva antigen tests are not currently recommended as an alternative to oral / nasopharyngeal swabs, as they do not reach the minimum acceptable levels of sensitivity and specificity. Furthermore, i salivary matrix antigenic tests are currently excluded from the common European list of rapid antigenic tests valid for obtaining the green COVID-19 certification, indicates the new circular of the Ministry of Health with particular reference to the monitoring of viral circulation in schools’.

The collection of the salivary sample, as part of the school monitoring plan of the SARS-CoV-2 circulation, “can also be carried out by means of self-collection at home by parents / guardians, following a preventive training process for the achievement of the necessary confidence with the collection devices “, provides for the circular. This, “taking into account the ease of sample collection and the advantages deriving from the minimization of the intervention of health personnel”.

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