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City center clinic. More safety for general practitioners»

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City center clinic.  More safety for general practitioners»

Healthcare The mayor Simone Moretti relaunches: «At the Casa della Comunità there is a room that is already equipped». The idea to encourage the use of the facility: «Here they could work in optimal conditions»

Safe and functional medical offices, the Municipality supports the use of the already equipped clinic in the Community House in Piazza Italia. In the health facility managed by Asst Lariana, on the first floor there is a clinic ready to accommodate doctors who may request it. The Municipality will act as a facilitator to encourage shared use in order to respond to the need for adequate, comfortable and safe clinics. The need for a municipal polyclinic is dated, but it is becoming stronger with the retirement of several “historic” doctors and the takeover of “white coats” who do not have their own practice and find it difficult to rent spaces to be used as clinics, even for rental costs often higher than in the surrounding area. The associated clinics in the city have narrow spaces, with little privacy, which are not comfortable for doctors or patients.

The Municipality intends to act as a facilitator to encourage the use of the clinic in the Community House. The first steps were already taken yesterday. «I met Dr. Sally Lotfy Amin Saleh, who receives patients in the clinic in via Vittorio Emanuele 45 – explains the mayor Simone Moretti – to let her know that there is the opportunity to use the clinic, ready for use, set up on the first floor of the community house. There is the waiting room there, with the possibility for patients to wait their turn indoors, without being exposed to the elements as happens in the studio where you now receive ».

Following some threats and verbal attacks against one of the two doctors who visited that office, public access to the waiting room was closed a year ago for safety reasons. «The doctor could be the first to make use of the clinic inside the Community House, which guarantees doctors to work in optimal and safe conditions and patients a comfortable environment, with the hope that other colleagues will also evaluate the possibility of share this space, alternating with the times – adds Moretti – In the regional health reform, doctors should guarantee eight hours a week in the Community House. It is welcome that some family doctor would start receiving patients in the outpatient clinic on the first floor at least for a few hours, or make the choice to move there. If there is a need, or a desire to have a meeting with all the family doctors, Asst Lariana and the Municipality, to make the opportunity to use the clinic in the Community House better known, we give our full availability. Net of those who have made other choices of private studios, this is a ready and concrete solution».

At the same time, work will be done to identify one or more spaces where doctors can guarantee a qualified presence and which follows the new regional guidelines for associating to optimize the service. «It would help to have a single space with several clinics, well served and equipped with administrative staff to support the doctors – concludes the mayor – If there were a need, it is not excluded that other spaces could be obtained in the renovation of the second floor of the Community House ».

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