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Classical music is now listened to like this

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Classical music is now listened to like this

It’s called “Swipe Your Stage!” and it is the brand new project conceived by the La Società dei Concerti foundation with the contribution of the Tim Foundation to offer a new way of listening to the classical repertoire.

Innovation Almanac – May 2, 1983

In Italy the music changes: the compact disc arrives

by Riccardo Luna

02 Maggio 2022

“The public – explain the tenics – will be able to experience this innovative modality firsthand on the occasion of ten concerts, scheduled from next June until March 2023 at Verdi Room of the Milan Conservatory. During the live performance, spectators in the hall will be able to use a tablet (made available by the Foundation) to observe the musicians directly from their seat, thanks to four cameras positioned in the room. By sliding your finger on the tablet screen it will be possible to choose the point of view of one or more cameras to see closely, for example, the face of the conductor, the hand of the first violin, the movements of the fingers on the piano keyboard, the looks of complicity among the orchestral players “.

The first date with Swipe Your Stage! is for Monday 1st June at 8.45 pm, with the concert of the pianist Jeffrey Swann.

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