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Clean to a squeaky clean with home remedies

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Clean to a squeaky clean with home remedies

Elegant, versatile and durable, tile is the perfect floor covering for many homeowners who want a clean and modern look that requires as little maintenance as possible. Here’s everything you need to know to clean your floor tiles and naturally breathe new life into the smooth surfaces of your home. With a few home remedies, you can create cleaning products that, with a little diligence, will keep your tiles looking new.

How to clean the floor tiles with home remedies

Over time, a layer of dirt and grime can build up on the tiled floor, which not only looks unsightly but also provides a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Cleaning floor tiles and tile grout is essential to keep them sparkling for years to come. Luckily, you can get rid of the stubborn stains with simple home remedies that are safe, effective, and inexpensive.

How often should the tiled floor be cleaned?

how often should the tile floors be cleaned

While regular sweeping and mopping of tile floors is part of normal household cleaning, it’s often not enough to prevent dull, dirty tiles. Even the most maintenance-free floors need a good care now and then to keep their shine.

Clean the tile floors once a week with a broom or vacuum cleaner to prevent the dirt from drying on the tiles. Wipe the floor with a mop at least once a week. Clean the tiles thoroughly, at least once a month, paying attention to the particularly dirty grout. The following homemade cleaners use several home remedies to ensure your floor tiles and grout stay germ-free and shiny.

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Clean the tiles on the floor with baking soda scrub

clean the floor tiles with vinegar and baking soda

The baking soda will dissolve dirt, grease, and other sticky substances. The best thing about it is that every single particle is a gentle abrasive without scratching the surface.

For this method you need 60 ml of white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap, 50 g of baking soda and 2 liters of water. If you want to add a scent, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture.

Once you have a thick mixture you can apply it to the floor tiles and grout and leave it on for a while. Then clean the floor with warm water.

This versatile cleaner is suitable for almost all types of tile floors, except for some natural stones such as marble or limestone.

Clean floor tiles with salt

simply clean tiles with salt

Salt is great for killing single-celled organisms like bacteria and mold because it dehydrates them through osmosis. This bactericidal effect helps to clean tiles and grout.

Keep the area damp or rub with a damp cloth. Then sprinkle a generous amount of salt on the surface and rub it into the grout. Leave the salt on overnight and clean the floor with clear water the next morning.

Note that marble tiles should not be cleaned with salt as they are made of a more delicate material.

Use hydrogen peroxide mixture

clean the tile joints with hydrogen peroxide

A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda acts as a bleach, while the liquid soap helps remove the grease.

Make a paste by mixing together 1 part hydrogen peroxide, 3 parts baking soda, and 1 tablespoon liquid soap. Apply the paste to the tiles and grout with an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Then clean the floor with hot water and use a dry cloth to remove the remaining paste.

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If the grout is heavily soiled, spray the hydrogen peroxide directly on it. Scrub them with an old toothbrush, rinse with water, and then wipe.

Clean the floor tiles with lemon juice

naturally clean tiles and joints with lemon juice

Fresh lemon juice is acidic and it works as an effective stain remover for tiles and grout. Its antimicrobial properties help prevent mold and mildew.

Cut a lemon in half and use it to rub the tiles. Or fill a spray bottle with fresh lemon juice and spritz on the tiles before wiping with a damp mop. Another method is to soak a cloth directly in lemon juice and wipe the tiles with it before rinsing with warm water.

Make tiles shine with ammonia

let the tiles and grout shine with ammonia

Ammonia is an effective floor cleaner, and it can remove mold and dirt from tiles. Mix a few drops with warm water and use the solution to mop the floor. For stubborn stains, take a sponge, soak it in the liquid and scrub the stains with it. Then wipe the floor again with clear water. Dry the tiles with a dry cloth and your floor tiles will shine like new again.

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