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Clubhouse, soon the Android version and tools to monetize

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This week is the first anniversary of Clubhouse: in the words of the founders, it is a “voice-based social network, a virtual place where people from all over the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real time” . And to celebrate, the first stage of the Clubhouse World Tour was held today. “We chose Italy because, outside the United States, it was among the countries that responded best to the launch of the platform”, explain Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, the two co-founders of Clubhouse, announcing some important news for the most popular app of this early 2021.

Meanwhile, the most awaited: the company has hired two engineers to develop an Android version, coming soon. At the moment, in fact, the app is only available on iOS and by invitation only. And in an upcoming version of the application, support for accessibility features for the blind on the iPhone will come, so as to facilitate the understanding of the buttons useful for moving through the menus, to request the word and intervene.

Italy has kicked off a series of events that will see social audio managers make inroads between the ‘rooms’, the listening rooms, to explain how the application works, the advantages it offers and how it plans to keep up. an interest that, in recent weeks, seems to have lost some appeal, after the platform reached a peak of 8 million downloads on the iPhone.

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According to Clubhouse statistics, at the beginning of March Italy animated many rooms for almost 24 hours a day. This is thanks to events such as the Sanremo Festival, which went on until late at night, and the America’s Cup, still ongoing. “As if it were a podcast, a common interest, a trend suggested by the news, is enough to start a discussion”, they say.

Answering questions from listeners, the two founders also announced new features within the next month to popularize clubs, promote conversations, manage rooms, and generally foster conversation. “Ours – they explain – is a more human social network, where when you close the app you really feel better because new people have met, friendships have been born, and something has been learned”. Also to make money, which is currently the primary concern of those who invest time and energy on the new platform, between marketing and self promotion: “We will help you monetize your content”, promises Seth.

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