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Coding Women Sicily, a course for the inclusion of women in the hi-tech industry

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Solo 10% of software developers in the world are women. Even in Italy the figure is alarming and it is even more so in Sicily, where female unemployment is close to 30%, about double the national average.

With the aim of promoting job growth, reduce the gender gap and encourage employment in the technology sector on the island, was born the Coding Women Sicily initiative, dedicated to women and promoted within the Coding Bootcamp, a 4-month course, available remotely, which combines practice and theory, with business simulations and real case studies, aimed at young people and adults of all ages.

The new edition of Coding Women Sicily is part of the software development program as the first intensive course in Sicily aimed at promoting and supporting diversity and inclusion in the tech and digital industry, facilitating access to training courses and consequently to the world of work for young people, and in particular women, ready to be hired by companies that are looking for front-end developers and programmers today. The project is signed by Edgemony, a technology hub based in Palermo with the collaboration of the company’s partner companies including Bending Spoons, main sponsor del progetto, Facile.it, Tui Musement, Subito and Uala who will participate as teachers in the master.

The program partners also provide a total of 12 scholarships for women, with a total value of 36 thousand euros, in order to provide the skills currently required by the market to the female figures participating in the initiative. The project is part of Ambizione Italia, a Microsoft program for the digital training of students and professionals which aims to reach 3 million people by 2023.

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