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Coffee isn’t the only way to wake up in the morning: 7 alternatives to reduce your intake

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Coffee isn’t the only way to wake up in the morning: 7 alternatives to reduce your intake

There are methods to reduce coffee consumption and still be energetic and awake: do you know what they are?

Who said you only need coffee to wake up in the morning? Yes it’s true, many Italians consume a modest amount of it a day, and yet excess caffeine is not a panacea, neither for the body nor for the mind.

Replacing caffeine without losing strength and energy is possible. A little effort and willpower are enough to make it a habit and appreciate the results. Maybe not everyone imagines it, but there are 7 alternative methods to keep awake without having to consume coffee or drinks with caffeine. Which ones are they?

Tips for replacing coffee: try to believe!

Replacing the coffee, we guarantee you, is not a complicated thing at all. If you want to stay active, perhaps all day long, you can take some small steps. Which? Let’s discover them together.

How to replace coffee in the morning? – (tantasalute.it)

The first is also the most important: to have breakfast. The first meal should never be skipped, as it provides the dose of energy needed to start the day. Instead of the usual coffee and croissant at the bar, experts recommend a more nutritious breakfast, consisting, for example, of Greek yogurt with fruit and whole grains, or a piece of fruit and a little peanut butter. For lovers of savory breakfasts, however, eggs and spinach are the perfect mix to fill up on fiber and energy.

In addition to a healthy breakfast and a balanced diet, drinking is very important. Fatigue, in fact, is one of the first signals that the body sends out to indicate dehydration. That’s why you should always stay hydrant by drinking at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day, which is equivalent to 6-8 glasses a day.

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Here are others valid coffee substitutes to wake up in the morning.

  • Sport. It has been scientifically proven that exercising, especially in the morning, is an elixir of energy and good mood. There’s nothing better than a bit of healthy sport, at home, in the gym or outdoorsto start the day with an unbeatable boost.
  • Nature. As anticipated, being outdoors is a panacea. Nature serves as the perfect stress relieverthus making the mind clearer and the body more energetic and vigorous.
  • They take a nap. The classic afternoon nap is a great way to switch off in the middle of the day and recharge your batteries. Experts advise not to exceed 20 minutesotherwise the risk is to obtain the opposite effects.
  • Definitely regular. The first rule for a healthy and balanced diet is to eat at least 5 meals a day and at regular times. By skipping a meal, the body has much less energy and strength.
  • Breath. There is one technique called “stimulating breathing” able to keep the body awake. By inhaling only with the nose and quickly, this type of breathing also stimulates the diaphragm.
coffee substitutes
Sport is a valid substitute for coffee – (tantasalute.it)

Here they are main techniques to start the day with the right energy and without coffee.

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