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Coinbase focuses on NFTs: launches its platform to create and exchange them

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Coining, buying, selling and understanding NFTs becomes more and more within reach. As part of the strategy to transform from a mere exchange to a complete platform of applications for the cryptomondo, Coinbase has launched its marketplace for non-fungible tokens.

Starting today, users will be able to join the waiting list for the use of Coinbase NFt, a completely decentralized market for the exchange of tokens that are raging in the field of collectibles and the art market.

The exchange giant enters this world with a logic of simplification and opening of very complex tools, to be made open to all. Non-fungible tokens are unique digital representations of physical assets and allow those who hold them to possess and demonstrate the ownership of digital assets stored on the blockchain.

NFTs have gained popularity in the art, music and fashion sectors precisely because on the one hand they allow their creators to monetize their digital works, on the other hand they offer buyers a clear and unique proof of ownership.

Nft’s trading activities are growing. After a hiatus in the second quarter of the year, they exploded this summer, more than doubling between July and August, with around 280,000 unique buyers and sellers registered at the end of August.

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