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Cold urticaria, how to distinguish it from the others and what to do

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Cold urticaria, how to distinguish it from the others and what to do

Who suffers from cold urticariaand are especially young, may have skin problems, such as itching, red spots on the skin and other discomforts, when temperatures drop.

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Cold urticaria, who is most at risk

Cold urticaria is one of the many forms it is linked to physical hives. It is estimated that in Italy about 300,000 people have to deal with this situation which is linked both to the influence of too low temperatures and to simple pressure on the skin. The phenomenon mainly affects women and adolescents and young people are particularly at risk.

Typically the symptoms resolve on their own within a few years, but to counteract them, when they arise, they are there the classic antihistamines. However, the problem must be addressed together with the dermatologist.

Physical or inducible hives, what they are

Physical or inducible urticaria make up a major part of chronic urticaria. There are various forms: cold urticaria, heat urticaria which occurs with high temperatures, dermographic urticaria where it is enough to rub the skin to induce the appearance of a linear, red and itchy wheal, pressure urticaria which manifests itself with deep lesions a few hours after the skin has been subjected to intense pressure, for example when we carry a very heavy bag.

Hives, how to intervene

Faced with these manifestations, it is first of all necessary to recognize that it is indeed a form of urticaria. The causes that cause them, in addition to psycho-physical stress, are mostly unknown. For this reason it is important to talk to your general practitioner, possibly contact the dermatologist and know that the classic antihistamine can solve the picture, without however underestimating the situation.

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