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Coletto, immediately away the limited number to medicine

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Coletto, immediately away the limited number to medicine

(ANSA) – PERUGIA, 21 JUN – “The entrance test to the faculty and therefore the limited number for medicine must be eliminated. Immediately”: Luca Coletto, councilor for health of the Umbria Region, asks for it. The exponent of the League takes its cue from the decision of the Council of State which accepted the appeals of some candidates who had contested the irregularities in the tests, arranging for supernumerary enrollment.
“We are the usual ones – Coletto told ANSA – and it is not even the first time. The limited number must be eliminated. Maybe we can also make a natural selection, a barrier that allows only the best to move forward in the two-year period. pass them to have at the end of the course of study the excellence of medicine but the access test is now anti-historical “.
The commissioner underlined the need for doctors that the Italian health system has at this time. “There is no staff – he said – and perhaps we are forced to hire doctors who come from other countries while ours, some of the best, have gone abroad in recent years. The limited number was a short-sighted choice that did not looked at programming “.
Coletto makes the provocation that the abolition of programmed access “could also be a matter for a referendum”.
“We need more attention to the issue of health – concluded Coletto – to give the legs to a system that is universal and of absolute quality”. (HANDLE).

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