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Collagen rich is “elastic mesh essence”! 14 days of feeling repair, regain a firm side face, the editorial circle certified “feeling +1” – BEAUTY Beauty Circle

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Collagen rich is “elastic mesh essence”! 14 days of feeling repair, regain a firm side face, the editorial circle certified “feeling +1” – BEAUTY Beauty Circle

Image source: Beauty Circle

Editor B has used N bottles of serum, and was recently praised: “Your skin condition is too good!” I was also very satisfied when I looked in the mirror: Apple’s skin was full to the point of radiance, and the lines on the side of the face became obvious~ In fact, I didn’t do much maintenance, I just used this bottle of ELIXIR “Elastic Net Essence”! Even if the daily life is tight and staying up late is inevitable, it can prevent a dull face, properly hold the profile of the side face, and fully open the water and jade light. Let’s see how much fire is going on together?

A touch of firmness feels like rubbing on an invisible elastic net!Japan sells a bottle in 4 minutes! Netizens have the highest praise and recommendation!

“Elastic Time Control Essence”, also known as “Elastic Net Essence”, comes from collagen anti-aging expert “ELIXIR”, with nearly 40 years of collagen research experience, her strength is to create a good skin that is elastic and bright .

“Elastic Net Essence” is the Shiseido ELIXIR research team observes the skin structure with a 3D electron microscope, repeatedly finds out the key to skin elasticity through AI artificial intelligence technology, and develops an exclusive formula correspondingly, which can become invisible as soon as it is applied to the face. The elastic mesh immediately tightens the skin lines, and at the same time penetrates deep into the muscle base to enhance the skin’s elasticity, feeling firm and full from the inside out!

As soon as 2020 was launched, it swept various beauty awards in Japanese beauty magazines, setting the first place in the ranking of major essences! In the month of its listing in Taiwan, it set off a wave of explosive purchases, and it is still the most discussed and recommended essence in the beauty section of the community: “The skin becomes hydrated and translucent, and you can go out without makeup with confidence!” “The chin and mouth are more and more floating flesh. It’s not obvious~” “The fine lines are much less, and the makeup is no longer sticky!” Netizens praised it and built the building.

Image source: Beauty Circle

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14Tian Lijian’s side face is tight! No need to push your face when taking pictures!

“Elastic Net Essence” is super firm and super sensational. The key formula is “Time-controlled Repairing Compound Essence Fill up CP”. Compared with ordinary anti-aging ingredients, it can penetrate deeper into the skin and repair the skin, creating a firm 45° angle of the side face.

I used the B series for 14 consecutive days. When I took a selfie, I felt that the facial lines became more neat, and I didn’t need to retouch the “push face”. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that there are also lines on the sides of the nose and the corners of the mouth that are easy to appear old. The signs are smoothed out and the overall skin texture is plumped up!

Collagen rich is

Image source: Beauty Circle

Comfortable maintenance can become a collagen rich! Skin is radiant and glowing without makeup on!

The moisturizing degree is very good, which is the first impression on the face of “Elastic Net Essence”. Oily skin feels light and moisturizing, and dry skin can also be hydrated in place. At the same time, the moisturizing endurance is excellent, and the skin feels full and hydrated all day long! The ingredients that are common to the whole family of “ELIXIR” are added in it, so that the skin can be easily radiant, moisturizing and transparent under the reflection of light, and the skin texture can be upgraded to several grades in situ!

Collagen rich is

Image source: Elisir

The “Elastic Net Essence” has a very special texture. It will be stretched when you gently pull it, and it will completely cover the skin with one swipe. You will feel rich and moisturizing and absorb well. It forms a tight elastic net on the skin, and the “lifting feeling” is obvious. , It seems that there is a pair of invisible hands supporting the cheeks and holding them up! It turns out that the essence uses the “smart firming film technology” to instantly tighten the skin. Although it forms an invisible film on the face, it will not have any sticky feeling. The skin is comfortable and breathable, and it feels delicate and smooth!

Collagen rich is

Image source: (left) Beauty Circle, (right) Yilisier

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If you are looking for a serum that can comprehensively improve skin texture, moisturizing, translucent, and firming and lifting, the B series strongly recommends ELIXIR “Elastic Net Essence”. The more I use it, the more I wonder what I’m wiping? Come and get a trial when you are burned, and experience the sense of accomplishment of becoming a collagen rich man and instantly firming your skin!

Hand Knife Experience “Elastic Net Essence”👉 https://jbeauty.com.tw/loc8Up

source: beauty beauty circle

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