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Colorectal Cancer and Consumption of Processed Foods, New Study Reveals the Truth

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Colorectal Cancer and Consumption of Processed Foods, New Study Reveals the Truth

Colorectal cancer is one of the cancers that most affect men and women. One study observed the correlation with nutrition.

We know well by now that proper nutrition helps prevent numerous diseases. And also some of the types of cancer most popular.


Il Colon Rectum Cancerfor example, it is currently the third neoplasm among the male population and the second in the female one. The tumor arises when a “uncontrolled proliferation of cells in the mucosa that lines the last part of the intestine.”

To date, according to the website of the Ministry of Health, tens of thousands of diagnoses per year are estimated. In 2021, deaths related to colorectal cancer were more than 20,000. Who is affected by the disease, at least from the data of our country, has the 65% chance to survive.

We remember, among other things, that the EU has recently approved an expansion of free screening. In order to counter even more serious diseases and even the most common types of cancer. These include that of the Colon Rectum. But now let’s find out what emerged from a new study.

Colorectal cancer and consuming processed foods, here is a new study looking at the correlation

A study was recently published, which wanted to examine a correlation between certain foods and the onset of colorectal cancer. The publication is available on the British Medical Journal website.

Lo staff directed by Lu Wang, of Tufts University, in the United Stateslooked at the data from over 200 thousand participants. More specifically, 159,907 women and 46,341 men. The observation lasted many yearsand it was done through gods questionnaires submitted to the subjects. In the questions, the request to communicate the frequency of consumption of certain foods, classified as “super-processed”.

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According to the study resultsthose who often eat ultra-processed foods have the 29% more to develop colorectal cancer. For ultra-processed foods we mean “meat, poultry, fish-based ready-made products, sugary drinks and / or carbonated soft drinks, fruit drinks and sugary milk drinks.”

Furthermore the scholars found slight differences in onset between men and women. But more than anything else there are also differences in the way of consuming the aforementioned super processed foods.

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Of course in-depth studies will be neededbut this also proves once again how the‘Power supply carry out a fundamental role in health – or not – of all individuals. In every part of the world.

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