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Company health promotion – FRTG Essen employees benefit from 600 euros annually

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Company health promotion – FRTG Essen employees benefit from 600 euros annually

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FRTG Steuerberatungsgesellschaft Essen is increasingly focusing on the well-being of its employees and is now introducing comprehensive company health promotion. With a financial incentive of 600 euros per year, the company would like to actively support its workforce in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It is made clear that company health promotion does not include the assumption of the costs for employees’ individual fitness studio contracts. Instead, FRTG Steuerberatung Essen takes an innovative approach and becomes a contractual partner of various fitness studios. This gives employees access to a variety of health courses that cover their personal needs and interests.

The favored courses are determined in accordance with the Fifth Social Code, which means targeted support for measures that strengthen the physical and mental health of employees.

In addition to the course selection, there is the option for the employer to subsidize the mere membership fee for a fitness studio. For this purpose, FRTG Essen offers tax- and social security-free benefits in kind. This can be up to 50 euros per month and allows employees to use it flexibly to pursue their individual health goals.

Thomas Kuth, tax consultant and managing director of FRTG Essen, emphasizes: “The introduction of company health promotion is a step to ensure that our employees receive the best possible support for their health. We want to create an environment where they can individually pursue their health goals.”

FRTG Essen also offers a variety of attractive positions for tax clerks, tax specialists, accountants and tax consultants. The company not only focuses on a healthy work-life balance, but also on professional development opportunities for its employees.

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With this initiative, FRTG underlines its commitment to employee well-being and emphasizes the importance of a health-promoting working environment. The company is convinced that investing in employee health will not only have a positive impact on individual well-being, but will also sustainably strengthen the working atmosphere and productivity within the company.

Image source: Depositphotos_153032898_s-2019

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