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Concerns on President Biden’s Mental State Emerge After Special Counsel Report

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Concerns on President Biden’s Mental State Emerge After Special Counsel Report

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday rejected a devastating report from Special Prosecutor Robert Hur, who concluded that Biden had mishandled classified documents and also indicated that the president had a “significantly limited memory.”

Hur released the report on Thursday on the president’s handling of classified documents which raised concerns about the president’s age and mental health.

The document noted that during the interrogations in 2023, Biden was unable to remember important events and dates such as when his son Beau died and when he was serving as the Vice President. The report also pointed out that Biden’s poor memory was evident while listening to recorded conversations he had while writing his 2017 memoir, Promise Me, Dad.

The President responded to the report’s concerns by denying the allegations and defending his healthy state during a press conference. Responding to a reporter’s question, Biden said, “My memory is so bad that I let you talk. None of you thought I could approve any of the things I approved. How did that happen? I guess I just forgot what was going on.”

As the report claimed that Biden appeared unable to remember years-old events and dates, it has caused concern over his ability to run the government and safeguard the country.

Republican lawmakers also questioned Biden’s mental condition in light of the report. Rep. Greg Murphy stated that Biden’s current physical and mental condition should prevent him from being the President, while a Republican leader declared Biden unfit for office.

However, in the report, Hur ultimately declined to prosecute Biden for mishandling classified documents, highlighting that the President was not guilty of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

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The White House also rejected characterizations of Biden’s memory, and his lawyer stated that the treatment of Biden’s memory in the report was not accurate or appropriate.

The report’s findings in reference to Biden’s memory and its potential implications on his presidency could influence how voters perceive the president, especially considering their existing concerns about his age and health.

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