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Paracetamol safe during pregnancy. A new, impressive analysis returns to support that theuse of paracetamol during pregnancy does not increase the risk in unborn children of:

or cognitive disabilities.

The study analyzed data from approximately 2 and a half million children born in Sweden between 1995 and 2019. You can read the results in the scientific journal JAMA. The study was carried out by the prestigious Karolinska Institute together with Drexel University.

Safe paracetamol in pregnancy: the Swedish research also compared brothers and sisters to exclude environmental confusion

The researchers compared children who were exposed to acetaminophen during pregnancy with those who were not exposed. The researchers confirmed that there is no evidence of an increased risk of autism, ADHD or cognitive disabilities.

The research team also analyzed siblings of these children. It is a particularly important analysis because they share environmental and genetic factors. The situation eliminates some of the variables that can confound the final results. The sisters and brothers they grow up in the same house, eat the same things and are exposed to the same environmental conditions.

It is among the most used drugs during pregnancy

Having a fever is very common and happens to at least 10% of pregnant women. In most cases there are no side effects on the development of the fetus, but fevers in the first trimester are associated with serious birth defects. Paracetamol is one of the most used drugs by pregnant women and is considered safe to use.

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Some previous research called for caution about acetaminophen in pregnancy

The two Swedish research centers decided to examine the effects of paracetamol in pregnancy because recently some papers suggested there might be a link between the use of the molecule against fever par excellence and the risk of autism, ADHD and cognitive disabilities. One 2021 study in particular called for caution.

Safe paracetamol during pregnancy: this is the final result

According to experts who took part in the new research, in all likelihood the other studies used models which may have caused confounding of the results.

The typical example is that of two parents with a neural development disorder, which has a strong heredity. They usually take painkillers or antipyretics during pregnancy. Exposure to paracetamol appears to have caused the development of a neural disorder, when in fact it is genetics.

However, the study highlighted large differences between those who use high doses of paracetamol and those who use little.

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