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Constipation: Which makes it easier to relieve

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Constipation: Which makes it easier to relieve

Get your gut back on track. A high-fiber diet and exercise can do you good. © Getty Images / sorbetto

When defecation becomes a pain, laxatives can help. We tell you when it makes sense to use it and which over-the-counter remedies are suitable and cheap.

Constipation: Nobody likes to talk about it, although almost one in five adults suffers from it at some point, most commonly women and the elderly. If you are worried, you should know that constipation is unpleasant, but rarely dangerous. And often it is very helpful to change your lifestyle. Our drug experts say what is important and name the best drugs. We also explain why laxatives are not a permanent solution and how to get off them.

Bowel movements don’t have to be every day

Doctors assume constipation if the person concerned only has a bowel movement twice a week or less. However, this also applies if someone is able to defecate regularly but only with heavy straining and has particularly hard, lumpy stools or has the feeling that they have not gotten rid of everything. If the symptoms last longer than three months, the constipation is considered chronic. Approximately one in ten has such persistent problems.

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