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Contract renewal. Nursing Up “I undermine the role of nurses and other non-medical professionals”

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Nursing Up “The first tranche of proposals for the revision of the contractual system is inadmissible. I undermine the role of nurses and other non-medical professionals, placed in a heterogeneous area of ​​health professionals and officials “.

Let the Minister and the Regions tell us if this is really the much vaunted enhancement of those that politics has defined, time by time, as Angels or Heroes of hospitals. There is no joking about these things. Do not mess with those professionals who, on a daily basis, put their health at risk in the service of citizens.

The President of the Nursing Up did not exclude the shadow of the mobilization to challenge the fallacy of the method and the institutional dullness in the face of the demands of the professionals represented.

ROME NOV 17 2021 – In the midst of the negotiations for the 2019-2021 contract renewal of the health sector, the Nursing Up acknowledges with deep regret that, at least to date, the necessary openness towards the requests of nurses is lacking on the part of the Government and by the Aran which represents it.

Thus the National President, Antonio De Palma: “We have written down our requests. The law takes us at the table to be heard. We asked the President of ARAN to explain why, up to now, he has not accepted, but not even questioned, any of the hypotheses covered by our platform.

This method is not good. Until we see a concrete opening towards nurses, we will participate in the contractual sessions showing all our disappointment, and if we are forced we will not hesitate to proclaim a new mobilization, once again taking to the fight in the Italian squares ».

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«It’s true, we are at the first stages of the confrontation on the new contractual system, but if a good day starts in the morning, the contract that is taking shape, day after day, continues Nursing Up, is certainly not what we hoped would materialize.

The law wants us to sit at the negotiating table and we will do it until the end, showing however our firm protest.

We will certainly be there, De Palma sinks with disappointment, but until signs of real openness to a concrete and constructive confrontation by ARAN arrive, we will oppose with a strong and constant action of denunciation on all those aspects that that must be contested, and we will do so by any means permitted by law.

In conclusion, dissent and bitterness are the feelings that prevail. Yet this is precisely the time, and here we turn to Minister Brunetta, this is the time to keep faith with the commitments: nurses have the requisites to access the highly qualified area or a dedicated area, with other legally related health professions, in compliance with the directive signed by you and the provisions of the Law 113/2021.

No rule provides that access to the high qualification area must be subordinated to the possession of a master’s degree, as we read in the documents we are contesting.

Nursing Up has no intention of participating in theaters of any kind, and we are ready to take to the streets once again if the new professional system does not recognize a real enhancement to nurses, first of all, together with other health professionals with a similar legal basis.

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We are more ready than ever to denounce all the critical steps of these negotiations to public opinion.

What do we still have to wait for to have a specific and dedicated area? ” The union thunders.

“Even not wanting to take into account the high qualification area, now it is possible to create another one, also says the law 113/2021, in the part in which it provides for the creation of” at least “three areas per sector, plus another for highly qualified personnel, but the contract must provide for it!

We expect that the other unions will also share, and that they will loudly ask for a concrete enhancement of nurses and other health professions, which on the other hand represent about 75% of all staff in the health sector.

We do not want and cannot afford to walk blindly in the dark tunnel of uncertainty and superficiality, concludes De Palma. The nurses have waited too long. We are disappointed and embittered now, but still ready for a new hot season of mobilizations ».

Nurse Times editorial staff

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