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Corona drug “Paxlovid” will be available nationwide from Monday

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Corona drug “Paxlovid” will be available nationwide from Monday

Health Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens) announced on Saturday on To achieve this, the pharmacies should “from today onwards distribute the existing supplies in such a way that regional inequalities are balanced out,” the minister wrote. He “achieved this in intensive discussions with the Chamber of Pharmacists”.

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It was already said on Thursday that there were enough supplies and work was underway to redistribute them in the pharmacies. At the same time, the medical association spoke of a failure on the part of the health minister.

Surplus supplies from pharmacies and hospitals should be made available

Surplus supplies from hospitals should now also be made available to pharmacies. According to the Minister of Health, high-risk patients “everywhere have quick access to this medication, which effectively protects against serious corona disease”. A new delivery is also expected to arrive in Austria in the next week or two. “This means we can ensure the continuous availability of Paxlovid from now on,” is the promise of the responsible minister.

Paxlovid is an effective drug for preventing severe Covid disease. The tablets can be prescribed by general practitioners, among others. You should start taking it as soon as symptoms begin.

Regional bottlenecks “unacceptable”

For Rauch, it is “unacceptable” that “such regional bottlenecks could even occur.” He attributed this to the fact that reports on how many packs were dispensed by pharmacies were incomplete. Neither the ministry nor the Chamber of Pharmacists have any information about the stock levels in the pharmacies.

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This also applies to the flu vaccine. One million doses have been purchased for the public vaccination program. “According to our information, a third must still be in pharmacies and doctor’s offices. Nevertheless, patients complain that no vaccine is available,” criticized Rauch. “The federal government has purchased medicines for tens of millions of taxpayers’ money. The Chamber of Pharmacists, the Medical Association, pharmaceutical wholesalers and the other partners have to organize the distribution and vaccination effectively. I will make this very clear in the coming discussions,” announced the Health Minister.


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