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Coronavirus and vaccines, Ausl Parma: bookings from 12 years onwards

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The coronavirus vaccination campaign, in line with national and regional indications, is ready to accelerate and gradually open reservations from 12 years upwards by June 18, with the aim of vaccinating everyone by the end of summer.

The Ausl Parma explains that we proceed by age group, with bookings that open in staggered manner every two days: 7 and 8 June will be the turn of those between 12 and 19 years old; 9 and 10 June it’s up to 35-39 year olds; 11, 12 and 13 June space for the 30-34 range; 14 and 15 June are the days for those between 25 and 29 years old and finally from 16 to 18 June it will close with 20-24 year olds. Obviously, reservations are also open for the following days.

To make an appointment, call the toll-free number 800.60.80.62 (active from Monday to Friday from 9 to 16 and Saturday from 9 to 13), or contact the Cup one-stop shops of the Ausl or the pharmacies that make Cup reservations; or through the online services with the Electronic Health Record (ESF), the Er Salute App, the CupWeb.

Citizens aged between 40 and 49 who have already registered on the dedicated portal (in Parma and its province there are about 23 thousand people) on 2 June will receive a text message or email from the Ausl with an invitation to book as indicated above starting from Thursday 3. Starting from 4 June, however, citizens between 40 and 49 years old who have not registered with the usual methods mentioned above will be able to book.

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Starting from June 3, calls from children aged between 12 and 15 with pathologies also start. For them, no reservation is required: parents will be contacted by the Ausl.

Two centers (hubs) for the vaccination of employees of private companies will open from 10 June and in Parma and its province, each with a capacity of 500 vaccinations per day.

The applications for setting up vaccination centers have received the green light from the Region in recent days, and are now ready to go: the Parma Local Health Authority will provide the vaccines and the material necessary for administration free of charge, while they will be borne by the companies, in how much employers, organizational costs and health personnel employed. Vaccinations will take place on a voluntary basis and refusal cannot constitute grounds for discrimination against the worker.

One of the centers will be managed by the Parma Union of Industrialists, another by a private occupational medicine company (Medilavitalia). They will be available to associated companies and to those that will contact the hub managers to request the vaccination of their staff.

It is essential – underlines the Ausl – that the employees of private companies who will be vaccinated in these centers do not book the vaccination even on the Ausl booking channels, otherwise there is a risk of unnecessarily overloading the organization of appointments and that of dose management. of vaccines.

By the end of the month, adds the Region, a further novelty is planned to accelerate the pace of vaccination: the ASL centers, the private company ones that will start the activity on June 3 and general practitioners will in fact be added to the regional network of administration including pharmacies, thanks to the agreement reached with trade associations.

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The estimate is that three thousand people can vaccinate a day, and it will be, as for general practitioners and hubs in the workplace, an integrated vaccination: together with the assigned target populations, in pharmacies it will also be possible to vaccinate those citizens who , for various reasons, they had not yet booked. Pharmacies will be able to start registering bookings as early as June 7th.

“Our goal is clear and precise: we want all Emilia-Romagna to be vaccinated by the end of the summer – declared the president of the Region Stefano Bonaccini and the councilor for health policies Raffaele Donini -. Today we cross the milestone of the first million citizens already immunized, and within the next twenty days we will give a precise appointment, with date, place and time to a really wide segment of the population, anyone from Piacenza to Rimini who is between 12 and 49 years old. . Already today – continue the president and councilor – we are proud to be able to announce the start of vaccinations for fragile children between 12 and 15 years, a category that deserves the utmost attention. Emilia-Romagna is really ready for this new phase of the vaccination campaign, hoping that the announced supplies of doses will be respected “.

“In addition to the hubs of the healthcare companies, family doctors are operational and by the end of the month also pharmacists will be at our side. This – Bonaccini and Donini conclude – is a great response from the regional healthcare and the economic and social sector, which after a year and a half of pandemic finally wants to return to normal “.

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