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CORONAVIRUS ITALY BULLETIN 1 JANUARY / Min Health Data +141262 cases, positivity 13%

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The Coronavirus Italy bulletin today, Saturday 1 January 2022, the first of the new year, is not a harbinger of good news, unfortunately, from an epidemiological and health point of view in our country, where the variante Omicron is becoming more and more popular. In particular, the statistics released today afternoon by the Ministry of Health show that in the last 24 hours 1,084,295 molecular and antigenic swabs have been processed, from whose analysis 141,262 Italians were positive.

The positivity rate therefore rose again compared to the past few hours, settling at 13% (+ 1.2%). A total of 20,432 have been healed today, while 111 have died (137,513 since the beginning of the pandemic). Chapter hospitals: intensive care has registered 37 new admissions, while in the other nosocomial medical departments there have been 115 new hospitalizations. Currently positive in our country are 1,021,697, of which 1,009,135 are in home isolation. (update by Alessandro Nidi)


For the fourth consecutive day lItaly sees the Omicron variant “running” in the numbers expressed by daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health: waiting for the first data of the year 2022, the latest report of 2021 marked the total record of infections since the beginning of the pandemic in Italy, +144.223 in just 24 hours.

Fortunately, the exponential growth of positivity does not correspond to an equally clear growth in hospitalizations and victims: the numbers remain high and increasing but for the moment the “screening” of the third doses of the vaccine together with a more “mitigated” lethality of the variant Omicron cautiously give the experts of the Scientific Technical Committee hope. As he said yesterday the immunologist of the CTS Sergio Abrignani, «If in the next few weeks we manage to maintain between 100 and 200 deaths a day despite the positive 100-200 thousand, we would have a lethality of around one per thousand, a figure similar to flu.».

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The Covid bulletin of the Ministry of Health yesterday he scored in addition to 144 thousand contagions also 155 dead, 22,579 healed, a positivity rate of 11.8% (with 1.2 million swabs in 24 hours) and a significant increase in hospitalizations. To date they are 900,984 Italians, according to the latest bulletin, to be infected with the coronavirus: Of these, 888,574 in home isolation, 1,260 in intensive care (+34) e 11,150 in ordinary Covid wards (+284). In presenting the weekly monitoring of the ISS on the last day of 2021, the President Silvio Brusaferro he explained how “The number of new cases in the last 7 days per 100 thousand inhabitants was 783, a sharp increase compared to 351 a week ago. The RT basically shows a level above 1: that for symptoms stands at 1.22, that of hospitalizations 1.11, indicating that the number of new cases is still increasing. At the European level, the circulation of the virus is more and more intense from week to weekto”. The curves are clearly growing in the Under 12 and Under 20, with the secretary of the CTS who notes as the risk of hospitalization for most Young people is always contained, but always always present: “As for intensive care, we are at 12.9% of employment, with 1,226 hospitalized this week. Growth trend also for the medical areas (10,866 cases, exceeding 17% of occupancy of the available beds) », Concludes Brusaferro. From Monday 3 January the Control room ordered the passage of Lombardy, Sicily, Piedmont and Lazio in yellow zone: they become like this 11 the “yellow” Regions”, none orange or red.

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