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Coronavirus, the no vax fines remain (for now): here’s what you need to know

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Coronavirus, the no vax fines remain (for now): here’s what you need to know

For now, the suspension of the fines for the unvaccinated is skipped, while the administrations of the fourth anti-Covid doses drop by 25% in a week. The government has filed its package of amendments to the dl aid ter under discussion in the special committee in the Chamber. The package does not include, however, the amendment announced by the executive regarding the freezing of fines for those who do not comply with vaccination requirements. And it is not clear if and when it will be resubmitted. The League presses to present it. More lukewarm Forza Italia.

The green light of the Mef

In recent days, on the proposed amendment, there was the go-ahead from the Ministry of Economy to suspend the penalty of 100 euros until 30 June 2022 for those who had not complied with the vaccination obligation. Basically, a temporary blow in the sponge for all those categories (doctors and health workers, workers employed in residential, social welfare and social health facilities, or even school staff, the defense, security and public aid sector, local police, penitentiary institutions , universities and in general over 50) for which the Draghi government had established the obligation to have the two doses of vaccine and the first booster by 15 June 2022. In all, over a million people who received the notice of the initiation of the procedure.

Mattarella’s warning

Certainly, the government’s decision came after a warning from the head of state Mattarella who had invited not to let your guard down, underlining the importance of vaccination.

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The drop in fourth doses

Meanwhile, the new monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation, relating to the period 26 October -1 November, shows a decrease of 25.3% in the fourth doses. Almost 4.3 million are administered, that is, about two out of ten people among those to whom they are given priority have done so, explains the Foundation. In the reference week, 27,680 were administered per day, compared to 37,031 last week while 6.8 million people over 50 who did not receive even a dose. “It is the subliminal signal that is passing with measures such as the return of no vax to hospitals – says the councilor for Health of Lazio Alessio D’Amato – that is, that the pandemic is over and in fact there is no longer a need for vaccines

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