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corruption and fraud at the ASL of Brindisi, house arrest for a doctor and 4 entrepreneurs in the health sector

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corruption and fraud at the ASL of Brindisi, house arrest for a doctor and 4 entrepreneurs in the health sector

I Carabinieri of the NAS of Tarantoassisted by soldiers of the Provincial Commands CC of Brindisi, Bari and Matera, carried out an order for the application of the precautionary measure of house arrest issued by the Judge for preliminary investigations of the Court of Brindisi, at the request of the local Public Prosecutor’s Office, which directed the investigations carried out by the PG officers of the Taranto Nas.

The aforementioned provision imposed the application of five precautionary measures of house arrest against as many subjects (four entrepreneurs in the health sector and a doctor in service at the ASL of Brindisi), held responsible for the crimes of continued corruption and, against the doctor alone, for aggravated fraud and false attestations in the use of the so-called workplace timekeeper.

The investigations, launched in 2020, concerned the inappropriate, excessive and unjustified use of implantable medical devices (aorto-coronary stents and coronary dilator cathetersat the Cardiology Department of the hospital Perrino of Brindisi. In particular, the meticulous investigative activity, consisting of technical activities, observation, control and shadowing services, the acquisition of voluminous administrative and accounting documentation as well as the questioning of numerous people informed about the facts, made it possible to ascertain the probable existence of businessmen e corruptive between the doctor and the entrepreneurs of companies supplying cardiovascular prostheses, who would have supplied the implants of medical devices in exchange for money and other benefits, thus damaging the ASL, which would have disbursed large sums for the purchase of prostheses that would not been necessary. Therefore, it is believed that the aforementioned devices would probably have been used in a disproportionate and inappropriate manner with respect to the clinical and operational needs of the department.

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Furthermore, during the investigative activity it was possible to ascertain that the same specialist would be absent from the workplace with particular frequency without apparent justifications, also in order to carry out freelance activities during service hours.

Finally, the GIP, at the request of the investigating Public Prosecutor, also issued a preventive seizure decree for an equivalent equal to the sum of € 4.264,99 against the cardiologist under investigation.

The execution of the precautionary order will be followed by the guarantee interrogation and the confrontation with the defense of the suspects.

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