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Cortisol is one of the causes of stress, but few know that it can be reduced in this way

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Stress, especially chronic stress, is the result of a series of physiological, environmental and psychological factors.

Many, in the course of their lives, find themselves having to deal with stressful events.

Frantic pace of life, problems at work or in the family and moments of real mental fatigue.

All this can trigger a response from our body that can put us out of the game.

In fact, poor management of these factors can trigger the release of what are in effect considered to be stress hormones.

We are talking about adrenaline, noradrenaline and above all cortisol.

Cortisol is one of the causes of stress, but few know that it can be reduced in this way

The main purpose of these hormones is to make us be prepared for an imminent danger, triggering the so-called “fight or flight” reaction.

The arterial pressure rises, the heartbeat accelerates, the breathing becomes faster.

Cortisol works by removing energy from organs considered “unnecessary”, for example in favor of the brain, sight, smell, muscle strength.

A real machine used for our survival!

This mechanism is functional in the face of temporary stressful situations, after which the levels of these hormones will tend to drop.

In the face of prolonged stress, however, levels can remain high, with a long series of unpleasant consequences.

Among the main ones we find hypertension, gastrointestinal problems, headaches, anxiety, depression.

Usually you realize yourself when you are crossing the line, and that is where we can intervene.

There is a solution

As we have seen, studies confirm that cortisol is one of the causes of stress, but few know that it can be reduced in this way.

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Here is a small list of activities that will make a difference:

  • attention to physical fitness. Following a correct diet and practicing sport regularly ensures the release of endorphins, good mood and energy at the expense of cortisol;
  • space for yourself. Practicing breathing exercises and dedicating oneself to meditation (especially Mindfulness), if practiced consistently, can restore adequate levels of cortisol;
  • organization and sociability. Scanning the duties and pleasures and organizing one’s time. Only in this way will we have room for everything, especially to dedicate ourselves to loved ones, friends and family, the most precious sources of well-being.

Remember that physical and psychological health are closely linked by an invisible thread.

It is important to treat both to ward off the spectrum of many diseases and discomforts.


These few movements are enough to naturally reduce anxiety and stress

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)
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