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cosmetic surgery interventions are on the rise

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cosmetic surgery interventions are on the rise

With the summer season upon us, Italians are dealing with their bodies. Gym memberships are increasing, diets are starting, firming massages are tripling and there is greater attendance at spas. But, above all, we highlight an exponential increase in cosmetic surgery interventions, both invasive and non-invasive… with a Made in Italy innovation.


Time to take stock… but aesthetic ones. Oh yes, because with the summer season upon us, most Italians are dealing with their physique, evaluating their state of shape, “aesthetic”. A race for beauty which, like every year, sees an increase gym membership, the start of diets, requests for beauty treatments (such as massages) and greater attendance at spas. Just to give an example, according to data published last year by the International Society of Cosmetic Surgery have been performed almost 13 million true cosmetic surgery operations and approximately 17.5 million non-invasive treatments.

An interest that grows year after year, just as the expectations of an increasingly informed clientele looking for quick, effective and safe solutions grow. Precisely for this reason, the panorama of surgery and aesthetic medicine is constantly changing, driven by the need to respond to the needs of the market. In particular, the trend of minimally invasive procedures is experiencing a dizzying rise, confirming its effectiveness through decidedly high satisfaction rates among patients. A constantly evolving aesthetic medicine that increasingly moves away from the concept of traditional “surgical facelift” to instead embrace innovative approaches that offer natural and minimally invasive results.

Combo lift, what is the non-surgical mini facelift

In this context of change, an innovative methodology is labeled “Made in Italy” which allows sagging skin to be repositioned, regaining skin firmness. “Combo Lift”, this is its name, is created by the cosmetic surgeon Cristina Rosati who exclusively performs this method. “This is a non-surgical mini facelift – explains Rosati – in which the loose tissues become a biological filler that stimulates the dermis to produce collagen. This aesthetic procedure consists of a minimally invasive treatment that combines several cutting-edge techniques to obtain natural and long-lasting results, acting on multiple levels to reposition sagging skin, redefining the contours of the face and neck and stimulating collagen production. The objective is to restore freshness and firmness to the skin without resorting to the scalpel but guaranteeing natural, long-lasting results with minimal recovery time. A breakthrough in the field of cosmetic surgery that offers a safe and effective alternative to the traditional facelift, giving a younger, fresher appearance without obvious scars.

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But what is the secret of its success? “The success lies in the fact that it can be considered a ‘tailored facelift’ modulated on the features of each individual patient. This is why each operation is unique, unrepeatable and like no other: just like the second skin of a tailored suit, it has quicker recovery times than the recovery period of a traditional surgical facelift”, underlines the surgeon. “In a fast-moving world, people need not to stop working and to be able to show themselves in public quickly, something that the classic facelift does not allow due to the numerous precautions that must be observed (wearing a hood, staying overnight in the clinic, obvious bruising, swelling, removal of stitches). Mine, on the other hand, is a non-invasive outpatient treatment that combines less downtime with long-lasting results obtained in a single session. A methodology that has nothing to envy of the traditional facelift.”

This innovative technique aims to harmonize the face in its entirety, starting from an accurate study of the physiognomy and physiognomy of each individual patient. “During the preparatory phase, a personalized study is carried out on each face in order to enhance the patient’s physiognomy without distorting it, obtaining a natural and harmonious result that respects the person’s ego. The secret is to understand the anatomy and facial relationships well, according to the golden proportions and not based on a hypothetical concept of perfection. I am firmly convinced that the surgeon’s skill lies in making people understand that beauty does not mean following ideal standards. It is a holistic approach that evaluates a face in its entirety and understands that each patient has a different facial structure and anatomy: this is why it is important to take into consideration the overall balance of the face in order to create a harmonious appearance”, highlights Rosati.

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The procedure, the result of a twenty-year study in the field of surgery and aesthetic medicine, is performed in an artistic way and designed for anyone who wishes to align their external beauty with their internal vitality, all according to a sober elegance, without exaggerated alterations. “Aging skin but also skin that has become loose due to weight loss or damaged by sun or smoking benefits from this technique,” ​​underlines Rosati. “Even those with acne scars can benefit from this methodology since the stretching of the tissues can contribute to the reduction of scars. Areas of the neck and face such as the tear trough (the area under the eyes), the jaw, the temples, the mandible and the chin normally lose volume with age: with the “Combo Lift” treatment you can restore that volume and lift the face to remove years, obtaining a fresh, natural and rested appearance”, concludes Cristina Rosati.


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