Home Health Cospito transferred to Opera but will continue to refuse food. Firm line of the CDM: “No conditioning” – breaking latest news

Cospito transferred to Opera but will continue to refuse food. Firm line of the CDM: “No conditioning” – breaking latest news

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Cospito transferred to Opera but will continue to refuse food.  Firm line of the CDM: “No conditioning” – breaking latest news
Of Virginia Piccolillo and Claudio Del Frate

While the appeals for and against the maintenance of the 41 bis are multiplying, the prisoner’s conditions are deteriorating rapidly, as confirmed by the medical bulletins

The health conditions of Alfredo Cospito
the anarchist on hunger strike against the harsh prison regime, they are getting worse. So much so that the inmate been transferred from Sassari to the Milanese Opera prison where there is an equipped clinical center that could deal with any emergencies that may arise due to the prolonged fasting. The move was confirmed by the detainee’s lawyer. The decision it is based on the latest health bulletin. Cospito is visited three times a day. And in the last visit it was suggested by the doctors to use a clinic. His case will be brought to the attention of today’s cabinet meeting. The Democratic Party is also asking for the most restrictive measures to be revoked.

At 18 the Council of Ministers examined the case. Minister Nordio would have the right to intervene recalling it 41 times and this is the appeal that comes from many quarters. The protection of health is our top priority sources in the ministry of grace and justice say. But the minister Matteo
Planted does not retreat: Conspito is a fairly dangerous character. At the end of the meeting, the CDM confirmed its intention to follow and maintain the line of firmness in any case. Overall, the executive reiterates its willingness not to come to terms with those who use violence and threats as an instrument of political struggle, together with the strengthening of the defense system of the Italian diplomatic network abroad and the greater attention paid to the support shown in the against the prisoner, often with violent actions, even on the national territory. This is the position confirmed by the government in the evening at Palazzo Chigi.

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For its part the lawyer of the anarchist, Flavio Rossi Albertinihas officially submitted to Nordio the application for revocation of the harsh prison sentence. The lawyer cites a recent one sentence of the Court of Assizes of Rome which absolved some members of anarchist associations from the charge of terrorism: a new element of evaluation that could form the basis for a change of prison regime. The Keeper of the Seals has time until 12 February to respond to the request; in case of silence, the application must be considered rejected. Also Roberto Adinolfi’s lawyerthe Ansaldo executive who was shot in the knees by Cospito, asked that the State be the protagonist of an act of clemency: 41 bis is an institution to be abolished.

The Antigone association has published a photo of the inmate on Twitter: Cospito appears heavily emaciated after more than one hundred days of fasting, during which went from over 100 kilos in weight to 72. Throughout this period the anarchist fed exclusively on water and supplements. In Opera the prisoner will be hospitalized in intensified assistance servicea structure that has a direct connection with the hospital, in case the conditions worsen, but which maintains the strict surveillance typical of hard prison. The lawyer specified that the transfer has been decided for prudential purposes: Conditions are stable. I saw him on Saturday and apparently he wasn’t that bad for a man who went from 120 kilos to 70 kilos. however managed to hold an interview of a couple of hours. On the other hand, the lawyer confirmed that his client will continue to refuse food.

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Stay from establish what the government’s attitude will be. In the last few hours also the premier Meloni had made it clear that no retreat is possible (The state is not intimidated), also in light of the acts of violence against Italian diplomatic offices, traced back to anarchist formations. Foreign Minister Antonio Tajaniwhile announcing a strengthening of security measures, declares: D
we have to separate the personal story (of Cospito, ndr), on which it is the competence of the Minister of Justice to intervene, and the story surrounding the attacks.

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