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Costantino Vitagliano hospitalized for a week “for a rare thing”

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Costantino Vitagliano hospitalized for a week “for a rare thing”

Costantino Vitagliano, a well-known entrepreneur and former tronista, has been hospitalized for the past week for medical checks due to a rare condition. The 49-year-old shared the news with his fans in a video from his hospital bed, revealing that doctors have not yet determined the best course of therapy for his condition.

“I’ve been here for a week for a rare thing. So rare so all the tests I am doing have not yet reached the conclusion of what would be the best therapy to undertake,” Vitagliano said in the video.

He also mentioned meeting with the head doctor at the hospital, Vittorio Segramora, and made a light-hearted comment about his fate being in the hands of doctors with the last name “Mora,” referencing the gratitude he feels towards another doctor with the same last name who had a significant impact on his life in the past.

Vitagliano rose to fame twenty years ago as a tronista on the popular television show “Uomini e Donne,” where he got engaged to Alessandra Pierelli. Today, he is a father to a little girl named Ayla, born from his relationship with Elisa Mariani.

The news of Vitagliano’s hospitalization has left fans concerned about his health, and they have been sending him well-wishes for a speedy recovery. The entrepreneur has not provided further details about his condition or when he might be discharged from the hospital.

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