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courses and free trials for all Events in Cesena

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courses and free trials for all Events in Cesena

From 17 to 24 September the “Wellness Week – The week of movement and healthy lifestyles” returns throughout Romagna, an event promoted by the Wellness Foundation and the Emilia-Romagna Region with the patronage of the University of Bologna, and carried out in collaboration with over 250 public and private stakeholders participating in the Wellness Valley project.

The week will be marked by a vast calendar of free initiatives open to the population, which include regenerative walks on the beach, along the rivers and in the Apennines, e-bike tours, trekking, life trails in the parks, sports activities for children and adults in all disciplines (squash, skating, cycling, rugby, basketball, sailing, soccer, underwater swimming, running, mountain biking, skate, parkour, handball, street basketball, beach tennis, padel, beach volleyball, martial arts), thermal paths, aquatic fitness from the neonatal age to the silver years, yoga in pregnancy, forest therapy, rhythmic Nordic walking, bike food for a combination of movement and healthy food at km0, detox buffet, tasting of health waters, conferences on proper nutrition, sports medicine meetings, relaxation lessons and listening to emotions, appointments for the general well-being of the body and back, cultural walks to discover the city and its art treasures.

The protagonists of this 7th edition will be the Romagna fitness and wellness centers, a vast network of physical exercise professionals and motor science graduates ready to welcome the population for an “Open week” of courses and free trials, group or personal training suitable for all levels of physical preparation, initiatives aimed at families, children, young people and the over 60s, with the aim of encouraging people to always remain active for their well-being and health.

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Among the main events scheduled for the Wellness Week 2022, it is worth mentioning “Cesena in Wellness”, a consolidated appointment at the Club Ippodromo di Cesena that attracts thousands of people every year for a full immersion in sport, fitness and wellness, thanks to the activities organized by the gyms and sports centers in the area. On the health front, on Saturday 24 September, the Prime Center, the new center of the Oncological Institute of Romagna dedicated to Integrative Medicine, invites everyone to the “Be in Your PRIME” event. Participants will be involved in circuit tests to verify their physical condition, with the release of a certificate with a vote on the level of fitness / wellness, together with advice on how to improve their habits to make healthy lifestyles a real weapon of prevention against tumors.

Raising the level of physical activity of citizens to improve their quality of life is one of the strategic objectives of the Regional Prevention Plan 2021-2025 and of the new Memorandum of Understanding, the recently renewed three-year agreement between the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Wellness Foundation and the University of Bologna for the development of the Wellness Valley project as a cultural and social model, to be promoted and replicated throughout the region.

In fact, Emilia-Romagna is the first Region in Italy to have introduced the prescription of physical exercise in its health system since 2014, recognizing it as a real “drug” for the prevention and treatment of the main chronic diseases.

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