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Covid, 15 million doses in pulp. New vaccine for the latest variants

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Covid, 15 million doses in pulp.  New vaccine for the latest variants

Anti Covid vaccines, 15 million doses will be destroyed to make room for new ones

produce andn the autumn an ​​updated anti-Covid vaccine that is calibrated against the Xbb variant of the SarsCoV2 virus, the currently most popular one. This is the recommendation that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will give to pharmaceutical companies. At the same time, the EMA will recommend that States revaccinate the most at-risk sections of the population in the autumn, starting with the elderly and immunosuppressed subjects.

“The EMA will shortly publish a recommendation on how to adapt the anti-Covid vaccines for the next vaccination campaign in the autumn and we will address the pharmaceutical companies – Marco Cavaleri, EMA manager for vaccines and therapeutic products against Covid, told Ansa.- to produce vaccines that contain the Xbb strain, which is now dominant and is a very different strain than those that were in circulation before. So, from an immunological point of view, it would be good to update vaccines in this direction. This is what has also said the World Health Organization, with whom we have discussed extensively”.

The consequence is illustrated by Repubblica: “In the refrigerators of Italian hospital pharmacies there are about 15 million doses of the anti-Covid vaccine destined to be destroyed. Disposal will take place not only because they are destined to expire at the end of the year but also because they will already become “old” from before. In fact, pharmaceutical companies are preparing new products”.

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