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Covid-19: Italy, museums and restaurants already require a health pass

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Italian museums and restaurants are already starting to request the “green pass” for access to the premises.

To the archaeological excavations of Pompeii offers free tampons, while the Vatican Museums have published instructions for obtaining a refund and tourists show QR codes and entrance tickets, to coincide with the entry into force of the new regulations.

“I think it’s a really good idea – says a US visitor – because it makes vaccinated people feel a little safer”.

“I believe it is absolutely necessary for everyone’s safety”, reiterates this Spanish tourist.

The infamous green health pass is now required to enter archaeological sites, gyms, theaters, indoor pools and internal sections of restaurants and bars.

France, protests and decisions

Here, meanwhile, further demonstrations are being prepared against the health pass: the owner of a restaurant professes to be dissatisfied with the new rules.

“I can’t afford to control people – he says – I don’t dare, I can’t, it’s not my competence”.

Protests against the controversial certificate have been held across the country every Saturday since July 17: after cinemas, museums and local sports centers, it will now also be mandatory for bars, restaurants, airplanes or long-distance trains.

A large group of people demonstrated in front of theUniversity Hospital Institute (IHU) of Marseille against compulsory vaccination of hospital staff.

“We will continue to intensify the movement from September when they all return – says Nicolas, health worker – and then if the government does not want to give up, we will reach the European Court, the Court of Cassation, we will set the procedures”.

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The French Constitutional Court had found most of the new anti-Covid measures valid: starting next week, the infamous will be needed “green pass” to access cafes, restaurants, long-distance travel and, in some cases, hospitals.

Instead, according to the Court, the 10-day isolation of people infected with the virus goes against the freedoms of the country.

“No one will be deprived of treatment because of the health pass – says Olivier Véran, Minister of Health – what we want to do is make sure that in a hospital, where there are sick and vulnerable people, the virus cannot be introduced”.

The government of the UK will relax entry rules in the country, requiring quarantine for arrivals from France even if fully vaccinated.

The change will come into effect from next Sunday.

“It’s nice to know that we can go there – says Imran, visiting his mother-in-law in France – not having quarantine rules when we return, it’s great news for us”.

Obligations also in Italy

In Italy, to crown a long Council of Ministers, it was decided that, starting from September 1st, the green health pass will also be mandatory on long-distance trains, for university students and school students.

For professors who do not have one, after 5 days of absence, the salary block will be activated.

The firm will of face-to-face lessons and the obligation to wear a mask over the age of 6 reaffirmed.

Regions and Municipalities will be able to close schools and take lessons in DAD only as derogation for “specific areas of the territory or individual institutes, in the red or orange zone”.

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WHO warns

Although 60% of Europeans have been vaccinatedWHO warns that the end of the pandemic is not yet on the horizon and that all governments must keep their guard up, the infections from Covid-19 have exceeded 60 million in the European region alone, also due to the Delta variant.

More than 1.2 million have died since the start of the pandemic: the authorities, according to theWorld Health Organization, must continue with joint efforts to protect the most vulnerable and those at risk.

It is reassuring that complete immunization, or the double dose of vaccine, protects against the virus and its variants but despite this, the president of the European Commission underlined, Ursula von der Leyen, “We must remain vigilant for our health and for the protection of others.”

Get vaccinated and don’t let your guard down

To cope with the variant, many countries have adopted new measures, starting from Spain al Portugal passing through the Germany.

The restrictions introduced by the various states are giving results as in the Netherlands, where the number of infections decreased by 4% compared to last week or 21 thousand positive against 37 thousand in the past few days.

And this thanks to the anti-Covid measures adopted by local authorities: according to Susan van den Hof, director of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health, the peak has almost been reached.

The Scotland has aligned itself with England since August 9 on the lifting of almost all the latest lockdown restrictions.

The use of masks will remain in force on means of transport and in public places indoors.

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Meanwhile, the Johnson government has renounced its intention to create a new list of states at greatest risk of importing variants of Covid in the system of precautions on travel from abroad.

Lazio Region hacker attack: vaccinations continue

In Italy it is an emergency hackers: in fact, the attacks on the vaccine booking system of the Lazio region.

Site in tilt but the Governor Nicola Zingaretti has promised that the vaccinations will continue, even if a little slow.

For the councilor for health D’Amato is the most serious attack ever against a public administration.

Counter-terrorism is also investigating what happened. In the country, the campaign continues apace. 60% of Italians over 12 have completed the immunization cycle while further doses of Pfizer vaccine are on the way.


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