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Covid 19 pandemic – is a real review really necessary? – Health check

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The question in the title is of course rhetorical – and, see below, borrowed. Yes, the pandemic needs to be dealt with, from the epidemiological to the legal and social aspects. This also happens in many cases, “lessons-learned papers” on the pandemic have been around for a long time, as have evaluation studies on infection control measures. These activities of a “real” reappraisal will also continue, there is still a lot to do.

With the current phasing out of the last corona measures, there are now more and more statements in which one can see a kind of need to cope in view of the social upheavals resulting from the pandemic, a need for what there is in the relationship between the virus and the social reaction in thousands individual events has taken place, often overwhelming people and their reflections, to organize and process them in an overall picture – beyond the conspiracy-theoretical images of a “Great Reset” drawn by the lateral thinkers or a targeted worldwide seizure of power by dark elites.

In the Hessisches Ärzteblatt is just under the title “Covid-19 pandemic – real work-up is needed” such a review by Ursel Heudorf appeared somewhere between technical comments, the complaint about one-sidedness in the political, media and social discourse and perhaps also the individual processing of the events by the author.

Of course, drawing broad lines runs the risk of ignoring the fine chasing of the matter, things that do not fit into the picture, such as the critical voices that were mentioned and heard from the start or, even more threatened with oblivion, differentiated positions on the part of politicians such as eg the GMK resolution TOP 6.1 of June 16, 2021to recede too much into the background and thus to counter the rightly lamented one-sidedness with one’s own one-sidedness.

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Such images may therefore not be suitable as a basis for preparedness strategies, but they are necessary for discursively coping with the experiences during the pandemic, as part of a catch-up social understanding that may only become possible with some distance to the acute events. The “real” reappraisal would then be one that brings different positions into a “real” discourse among those who are capable of discussion, instead of juxtaposing black-and-white images.

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