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Covid: 196,224 positive, 313 deaths. New record for vaccines – Health

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There are 196,224 new infections from Covid in 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. On Tuesday there were 220,532. The victims are 313 while on Tuesday they were 294. This is the highest number of deaths of the fourth wave. There are 2,222,060 currently positive at Covid in Italy, 87,921 more than on Tuesday. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the total cases are 7,971,068 and 139,872 deaths. On the other hand, the discharged and healed are 5,609,136, with an increase of 108,198 compared to yesterday. With respect to the count of deaths, the Tuscany Region announces that “the high number of deaths reported today is linked to a check carried out in the Livorno area which made it possible to identify 37 additional patients with Covid who died within 6 months , that is, from 15 June to 6 January, which had not been communicated “.

Tuesday, a new record of administration for anti-Covid vaccines: over 686,000, with 77,500 first doses, of which 48,000 children and 22,500 over 50. This was announced by the structure of Commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo.

“Already in the spring, between April-May 2022 we will reasonably be out of the pandemic. I hope we will be able to remove the masks, since I believe that we will have 95% vaccinated. “The director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino Polyclinic Hospital in Genoa told Rai Radio1, host of Un Giorno da Pecora – who released the text. “I believe that in Italy today there are 10-15 percent of positives, therefore about ten million people, and by the spring more than one in two Italians will be infected”.

Hospitalizations for Covid have grown by 32% in one week (compared to last week when the increase was 26%) in sentinel hospitals of the Italian Federation of Health and Hospital Companies (Fiaso). It is the fastest acceleration recorded in two months since Fiaso monitoring. The survey was carried out on 11 January and concerns a total of 2,183 adult and 120 pediatric patients.

Fiaso, 18% increase in intensive care in one week – In one week, the increase in intensive care was 18% in Fiaso sentinel hospitals. The unvaccinated hospitalized in intensive care are 67% of the total. Half of those not vaccinated were in good health and had no comorbidities before going to hospital. On the other hand, 33% are vaccinated in intensive care: two out of three are affected by other serious diseases that could have determined a reduced efficacy of the vaccine and 85% of cases are people who have been administered two doses of vaccine for over 4 months and have not yet received the third dose.

Intensive care employment in Italy rises to 18% (+ 1%) (it was 11% on December 24) and, on a daily level, it grows in 11 regions: the PA of Trento reaches 31%, rises by 4% in Abruzzo (18%) and 3% in Sicily (20% ) and Umbria (16%). But it is also growing in Calabria (20%), Campania (12%), Lombardy (17%), Piedmont (24%), Puglia (10%), Sardinia (14%), Tuscany (21%). This is what emerges from the Agenas monitoring of 11 January. The rate drops in Friuli (to 21%) and PA Bolzano (17%). Stable in Basilicata (3%), Emilia Romagna (17%), Lazio (21%), Liguria (20%), Marche (22%), Molise (5%), Val d’Aosta (18%), Veneto ( 20%).

The percentage of beds in non-critical area hospital wards with Covid patients reaches 27% (+ 1%) nationwide. In 24 hours, the rate increases in 13 regions: in Valle d’Aosta, with + 8%, it reaches 54% and in Calabria it reaches 38%. It also increases in Abruzzo (26%), Basilicata (21%), Emilia Romagna (24%), Lazio (25%), Lombardy (31%), Trento PA (24%), Piedmont (33%), Puglia (17%), Sardinia (13%), Sicily (32%), Veneto (25%). These are the Agenas data updated to 11 January. Stable rate in Campania (25%), Friuli (28%), Marche (25%), Tuscany (22%). Cala in Liguria (38%), Molise (13%), Bolzano (15%), Umbria (30 %).

“Today’s data highlights an important aspect: ICU admissions have decreased. If this trend, resulting from the third dose vaccination campaign, stabilizes, we need to meet the needs of citizens and streamline isolation procedures and forty”. He says it the director of Spallanzani Francesco Vaia“As happens in the US, vaccinated and asymptomatic people, if positive, after 5 days of isolation can and must return to their daily activities”, says Vaia.

“I believe that we need to simplify the procedures for completely vaccinated asymptomatics: in the US in this case the quarantine ends after 5 days. If the CTS took this line, consequently it would not be useful to count the asymptomatics. We need to simplify“This is what the councilor for health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato, declares.


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