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Covid, 44,853 positive, 56 dead. Gimbe, infections run + 51.9% – Healthcare

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Covid, 44,853 positive, 56 dead.  Gimbe, infections run + 51.9% – Healthcare

There are 44,853 new infected with Covid-19 registered in the last 24 hours (yesterday there were 45,225), according to data from the Ministry of Health. The victims are 56 (43 were notified yesterday). The positivity rate is stable at 20.1%. The molecular and antigenic swabs carried out were 222,926 compared to 224,969 of the previous day.

Infections run (+ 51.9%), the intensive curve is inverted (+ 21.1%) and there is a jump in ordinary hospitalizations (+ 31.8%), while deaths drop by 8.5%. This is what emerges from the monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation in the week 28 September-4 October. The increase in cases is significant: from 160,829 units in the previous week to 244,353, while deaths drop from 307 to 281. Currently positive cases are also growing (491,811 in the last week vs 444,389 in the previous), home isolation (486,842 vs 440,608), hospitalizations with symptoms (4,814 vs 3,653) and intensive (155 vs 128).

For the third consecutive week – declares Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation – there is an increase in new cases which mark a further leap (+ 51.9%): from just under 161 thousand they reach over 244 thousand, with a 7-day moving average of almost 35 thousand cases per day “. The increase concerns, albeit in a heterogeneous way, all the Regions (from + 18.4% in Sardinia to + 132% in Valle D’Aosta) and all the Provinces except Crotone (-2.4%): from + 9% in Cagliari to + 132% in Aosta. The incidence of reinfections also increases: in the week 22-28 September it is 17.8% (59,172 reinfections), compared to 15.8% in the previous 7 days, according to the latest report from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. “On the hospital front – says Marco Mosti, operational director of the Gimbe Foundation – after more than two months of decline, there is a reversal of the trend in intensive care (+ 21.1%), and a clear jump (+ 31.8% ) admissions to the medical area. Admissions to intensive care – he points out – after having reached the minimum since July 2021 last week, have almost doubled with a 7-day moving average of 21 admissions / day vs 11 admissions / day “. Deaths continue to decrease: 281 in the last 7 days (of which 6 referring to previous periods), with an average of 40 per day compared to 44 in the previous week.

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The new wave of cases – it is assumed – would be due to Cerberus, the technical name BQ.1.1

6.81 million unvaccinated, 7.54 million without 3 / a dose

New vaccinates drop in the week of September 28-October 4, while as of October 5, 6.81 million people over 5 years old have not received even a dose. Then, again as of October 5, 7.54 million people have not yet received the third dose, while almost 3.4 million fourth doses have been administered. This is what emerges from the weekly monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation.

In the week 28 September-4 October, in detail, the new vaccinates fell: 1,167 compared to the 1,310 of the previous week (-10.9%). Of these, 34.1% is represented by the 5-11 age group. Among the over 50s, who are more at risk of serious illness, the number of new vaccinated people fell to 299 (-9.7% compared to the previous week). Of the total of 6.1 million people who have not received even a dose, 5.84 million are currently vaccinated and 0.97 million are temporarily protected as they have recovered from Covid for less than 180 days, equal to 1.7% of the stalls.

As for the third dose, 7.54 million people have not yet received it: 5.32 million can receive it immediately, equal to 11.2% of the audience; 2.22 million cannot receive it immediately as they have been healed for less than 120 days.

Finally, for the fourth dose, the audience for the second booster (fourth dose) is 19.1 million people: of these, 13.9 million can receive it immediately, 1.8 million are not immediately eligible as they are cured. less than 120 days ago and 3.4 million have already received it.

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“The clear recovery of viral circulation – explains the president of the Gimbe Foundation, Nino Cartabellotta – involves the entire national territory and is already making its effects felt on hospitalizations in the medical area and, to a lesser extent, in intensive care. Concern about this new wave is strong due to various factors: the vaccination campaign is essentially at a standstill, the coverage of the fourth dose for the elderly and the frail does not take off, the flu season is coming and on public transport we said goodbye to the obligation of masks “.

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