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Covid, 49,571 new cases, 121 deaths, rate at 17.1% – Healthcare

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Covid, 49,571 new cases, 121 deaths, rate at 17.1% – Healthcare


There are 49,571 new infections from Covid recorded in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 54,088 infected. The victims are 121, down from 244 yesterday. The rate is 17.1%, down from yesterday when it was 19.2%. A total of 290,013 swabs were performed, including antigenic and molecular. On the other hand, 382 patients are hospitalized in intensive care (18 less than yesterday), while daily admissions are 28. The hospitalized in ordinary wards are instead 10,602, compared to yesterday 166 fewer. Italians positive for Coronavirus are currently 1,286,726, or 36,538 less than yesterday. A total of 21,002,773 have been infected since the beginning of the pandemic, while the dead have risen to 172,003. The discharged and healed are 19,544,044 with an increase of 86,714

SARS-CoV-2 virus reinfections are still growing. From 24 August 2021 to 27 July 2022, 873,791 cases of reinfection were reported, equal to 5.4% of the total cases notified in the same period. In the last week, the percentage of reinfections out of the total number of cases reported in the same week was 12.6%, an increase compared to the previous week. This is what emerges from the extended report on Covid in Italy which integrates the weekly monitoring. From the beginning of the Covid epidemic in Italy until July 27, 20,883,670 cases were diagnosed and reported to the integrated surveillance system COVID-19, of which 168,075 died. In the last two weeks, between 11 and 24 July, 1,105,799 new cases were reported, of which 738 died. The balance is contained in the extended report of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

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