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Covid, a nasal spray could reduce positivity days. I study

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Covid, a nasal spray could reduce positivity days.  I study

According to a prospective controlled open-label study, a saline-based nasal spray would be able to reduce swab positivity by 2 days. The research was conducted by Luca Cegolon of the University of Trieste, and by Giuseppe Mastrangelo of the University of Padua

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According to an open-label controlled prospective study conducted by Luca Cegolon of the University of Trieste and Giuseppe Mastrangelo of the University of Padua, a saline solution-based nasal spray would be able to reduce the swab positivity by 2 days to reveal Sars-CoV-2, compared to patients treated with standard therapy. This, called ‘Trial Clinico Renaissance’ (Regressed Nasal Infectivity and Shedding of SARS-CoV-2 by Achieving Negativization for COVID-19 Earlier), was carried out with the support of the otorhinolaryngology unit of the Ca’ Foncello hospital in Treviso.

What the study says


Covid, spray vaccines: 100 under development

According to what emerged from the research, the component responsible for the antiviral effect would seem to be sea water, already famous for its great antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Starting from the assumption that the main route of entry of the virus into the human body is the nose, and with this the other airways such as the throat and bronchi, the research has focused precisely on this aspect to investigate the role of sea water. Indeed, this would stimulate the glands of the nasal mucosa to produce hypochlorous acid (HClO), reducing the effect of the virus.

And give

In order to prove the research, 108 patients affected by Covid-19 were involved: these, recruited from the Covid-19 point of Treviso between February and March 2022, therefore during the Omicron wave, were subsequently divided into two groups. One of 50 receiving standard Covid-19 therapy and saline-based nasal spray treatment, and one of 58 receiving standard Covid-19 therapy only. The first group received the saline solution 3 times a day, then once every eight hours: from this it emerged that in the first five days of treatment, patients treated with nasal saline solution became negative on average 2 days before the controls.

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Covid in Italy

In Italy, according to the new independent monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation referring to the week between 25 November and 1 December, an increase was recorded in ordinary hospitalizations with positivity to the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus (+11.1%) and hospitalizations in intensive care (+28%), compared to the previous week. While the new cases of Covid-19 remain substantially stable (227,420 against 229,122 in the previous week), deaths, however, rise from 580 to 635, i.e. 55 more, 14 of which refer to previous periods (+9.5% ).

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