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Covid, after 19 months the obligation ends: 400 doctors and nurses no vax “saved”

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Covid, after 19 months the obligation ends: 400 doctors and nurses no vax “saved”

In the “hot” period of the vaccination campaign, in the Brescia area alone about four hundred health workers had been suspended. Nurses and members of the health professions in equal measure, with about 150 for each area, less than a hundred doctors. Numbers that have thinned in the following months because many, in the meantime, have complied with the vaccination obligation.

Obligation introduced on 1st April 2021 and which should have remained until 31 December 2022, as an “essential requirement for the exercise of the profession”.

Now we change. Two months in advance, with a new government and, above all, with a different pandemic situation than in the past. The new health minister, Orazio Schillaci: «Today the disease is completely different from what it once was and therefore we are trying to ensure that gradually there can be a return to greater liberalization. What I care about is that all the sick who have remained behind in recent yearsI am thinking of prevention, screening and cancer patients, can finally have a better, more equitable health care, which does not depend on economic availability, from where one was born or lives in Italy ».


The “return to normality” starts with the reintegration of doctors and health personnel suspended from the profession, from the suspension of the daily bulletin with the number of cases of the new infections of hospitalizations and deaths that will be announced on a weekly basis e from the cancellation of fines to over 50s who are not vaccinated.

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The details in a note from the Ministry: “The Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci, six months after the suspension of the state of emergency and in consideration of the trend of the infection from Covid-19, considers it appropriate to initiate a gradual return to normality in the activities and behaviors, inspired by criteria of responsibility and compliance with the regulations in force. Therefore – the note continues – also based on the prevailing indications in the medical and scientific field, the daily publication of the bulletin of data relating to the spread of the epidemic, hospitalizations and deaths will be suspended, which will now be announced on a weekly basis. , without prejudice to the possibility for the competent authorities to acquire at any time the information necessary to monitor the situation and to take the necessary measures “.

Again: “A provision is being defined that will allow the reintegration into service of health personnel suspended for non-compliance with the vaccination obligation before the expiry date of the suspension, also due to the worrying shortage of medical and health personnel reported by the heads of the health and territorial structures “.

Order of doctors

He intervenes on the reintegration of the no vax the National Federation of Medical Orders, with the president Filippo Anelli: «I believe that Minister Schillaci’s reasoning regarding the reintegration of unvaccinated medical and health personnel is wide-ranging and highly pragmatic. The return to normality is accelerated and a message of tranquility spreads to society taking into account the epidemiological conditions and the history of the disease, which today allow a softer approach in the management of Covid “.

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Anelli excludes that the minister’s intention may be to underline a change of pace with respect to the previous government: «We are moving towards the ordinary administration of the management of Covid because it is possible to do so and on this we agree. We believe that the ordinary measures provided for by law 81 are more than sufficient to guarantee safety ».

Anelli is keen, however, to underline that “the vaccine represented the tool to eliminate the deaths of doctors for Covid and on this Fnomceo does not take any step backwards ». The bulletin of the infections. Concerns about the stop of the daily bulletin come from the mathematician Giovanni Sebastiani, of the Institute for the Applications of Calculation «M. Picone», of the National Research Council (Cnr).

“It is a wrong choice”, to transform the daily bulletin on the data of the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy into a weekly bulletin “, he says. The expert’s concern is that switching to weekly frequency may have negative consequences on the accuracy of data analysis results and individual behavior. The question, he observes, is “particularly relevant”, considering that “the evolution of the virus goes towards more and more diffuse variantswith a reduction in the characteristic times of the temporal variations of the quantities considered ”, he added.