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Covid and medicine. The Mantuan researcher Vicenzi talks about “infodemic”

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MIRANDOLA. In recent days the researcher Elisa Vicenzi she was a guest of the Mirandola Lions club, in an evening dedicated to Covid-19 and information management during the pandemic. Vicenzi, originally from Poggio Rusco, is a researcher at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan and director of the Viral Pathogenesis and Biosecurity Unit.

The researcher spoke about the Sars Cov 2 virus, known as Covid-19, explaining the nature of this disease and the treatment options that have developed since its emergence. Vicenzi presented complicated scientific data in a clear and simple way, managing to involve those present in the conference. The contents highlighted were interesting, due to the rapporteur’s competence on the subject, despite the fact that the topic has now become daily. Vicenzi also talked about the phenomenon of “infodemic” which has created disinformation by discouraging science to the point of making it spectacular in talk shows. In practice, she explained how the media exposure of the pandemic and the management of information on the subject, which is not always precise and careful. , has created a certain mistrust in the public in science. And therefore in research, which has been instrumental in combating this new disease. The report by the researcher was greatly appreciated by those present who received clear and scientific information. Satisfaction for the success of the meeting was also expressed by the president of the Lions of Mirandola Sonia Menghini.g.p.

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